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Parish Information

Sundays River Valley
Archdeaconry: Greater Addo
District: Sundays River Valley
Telephone: 042 234 0390

Postal Address:
P O Box 60

Street Address:

Currently Vacant

Retired: The Revd Sindile Lovemore Mofu

There were originally three independent Anglican Churches in the Valley viz St Luke's, Addo; St Michael's, Summerville and All Saints, Kirkwood. Of these St Luke's is the oldest, having been built on land donated by the Harvey family in 1895. It was serviced by the Railway Mission until 1952, mostly services being conducted by clergy attached to the Mission. Some present members can still remember the railway coach which was hooked off at Addo Station, and served as the `home' for the parson! Services were also held in the classroom of the little Summerville school, "which was not at all comfortable" according to Mrs Willard Coltman. All Saints followed, being erected in 1906 at Bayville. However, "after the village of Kirkwood had been established as the admitted successor in importance to Bayville, it was felt that the church was far from the new township, and in 1938, it was removed, brick by brick, and rebuilt on its present site". (quotation from "Sundays River Valley" by Jane Meiring). Sadly, due to diminishing numbers of Anglicans in Kirkwood, All Saints is now used to house a pre-primary school. St Michael's, Summerville, was completed shortly after World War II and most of the material used was donated by members of the congregation. The pews come from St Mary's, PE. In 1952, the three churches combined to form the Parish of Sundays River Valley with St Michael's as headquarters. It has a membership of about 60 families at present.

Contact person for Sundays River Parish
Diana Hannah
Cell:            082-228-2212
Landline:     042-230-1499


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