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Parish Information

Archdeaconry: Karoo
District: Middleburg
Telephone: 049-842-1279

Postal Address:
PO Box 209
Eastern Cape

Street Address:
65, van der Walt Street

Archdeacon and Rector: The Venerable Lionel Phumla Mtila
Rector: The Revd Robin Thomas Behrens
Self supporting - Permission to officiate: The Revd Anna Francina Christina Plaatjies
Self supporting - Permission to officiate: The Revd Jonathan Robert Hillston Southey
Self supporting: Priest: The Revd Archie Barnard Clarke
: The Revd Lindiwe Maliti
: The Revd Fikile Zanazo
Parish Secretary: None

Service Times:
15 Chapries in Parish. Apply rector for times

One hundred years ago a gift from one church to another enabled St Barnabas to be built, thanks to the generosity of the local N G Kerk community, who donated the ground. At the same time services were started in the Schoombee area - perhaps this could be claimed as the oldest, continuing and thriving House Church in the country?

St Lawrence, Tafelberg, was consecrated by Bishop Allan B Webb in February 1894.

St Anne's, Hanover, was consecrated in March 1896.

St Thomas', Midros, has been a thriving House Church for many years and is looking forward to receiving the Jubilee Thank-offering from the Diocese so that it can start building the planned multi-purpose church complex.

Christ Church, Colesberg - In 1820, after the British settlers landed in Algoa Bay, a number of them trekked as far north as the Colesberg district where they settled. Numerically small, most of them attended the Methodist Church whilst some attended the Dutch Reformed Church where services in English were regularly held at the time. In 1848 the church officials in Cape Town decided to appoint a Rector of Colesberg and Dr CEH Orpen arrived. At first services were held in the Court House or the London Mission Chapel, which was later known as St Stephen's Church. In 1854 the present church, designed by Sophy Grey, was completed, except for the Chancel and porch, which were added in 1880. Twelve Rectors ministered in the parish until 1940 when it was felt that it should be served from Middelburg.

Holy Cross Steynsburg - In 1885 the first Priest-in-Charge arrived in Steynburg to minister to the people of the area. The use of a house and store were obtained in 1890 and the latter converted into a Chapel, all of which became lovingly known as the Old Rectory. The present Church was built in 1902 and consecrated by Bishop Cornish in March 1904. In 1989 Holy Cross became a Chapelry of St Barnabas, Middelburg. St Anne, Hanover Present

Trinity Parish

St Boniface, Kwanomzame - The Title Deeds to the original Mission House are dated 1903. This house was sold in 1947 and the "new" Mission House built in 1949. With the Government's Separate Development policy St Boniface was forcibly removed to the new township of Kwanonzame in 1989. Churches included in this parish are: St Agnes, Noupoort; St Francis, Colesberg; St Martin, Hanover and St Andrew, Steynsburg.

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