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Vol 18 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  New Exco for Bernard Mizeki Guild
 •  Barry was first!
 •  Electing the Abp of Cape Town
 •  Remembering in action

New Exco for Bernard Mizeki Guild
A well attended St Bernard Mizeki Archdeaconry Conference was held at St Ninian’s in Somerset East on 16 and 17 June where a new executive committee was elected, reports Fezile Maki.

The new executive comprises of members from all represented parishes of the Cradock Archdeaconry, with Pumla Mtila as the president , V Funde from St. Paul’s, Cookhouse as Chairman and F Maki from St Boniface, Middelburg, as secretary. The members were inaugurated during a Eucharist service on 17th. There were representatives from St Francis, Colesburg, St Agnes, Noupoort, St Boniface, Middelburg, Ascension, Cradock, St Paul’s, Cookhouse and St Ninian’s in Somerset East (who hosted the conference). MU Christian Family Life delegates from the Cradock Archdeaconry were also present as were the archdeacon of Cradock, Dudley Greenshields and his wife, Carolyn.

The new executive members will serve a minimum term of three years, should they stay active. Unfortunately, there was no report from the previous executive because Mr Nomavuka (former secretary) was not available. The previous executive had been able to arrange and host archdeaconry conferences that were successful, such as the one held in Steynsburg in 2006, the Diocesan Conference held in Cradock, and also well organised, successful general meetings. However, there have been problems of communication of minutes and times of meetings, as well as banking.

The conference comprised of different activities that included the meeting, various services, ‘Rounds’ (the submission of the “Iingxowa” by the parishes), the early morning “Imvuselelo”. The Rounds by parishes made a sum of R 1 762.75 made up of “Ingxowa” (givings) and “Ama-thontsi” (money 'played' before the givings).

The warmth of the preaching and the songs attracted the community members of Nojoli Township who stood outside their houses to listen, and some of them even followed the “Imvuselelo” into the St Ninian’s.

The St Ninian’s MUCFL prepared the delicious food for the guilders working from early morning until late in the evening. 

Barry was first!
Red faces all around as the editor’s memory is very suspect these days … 

Of course Barry Sendall was the first Provost of the Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin. When the Cathedral was inaugurated on 2 November 2003 Barry was instituted as the first Provost and iindaba even carried a photo of the occasion! We apologize to Barry for saying in the last issue of iindaba that Shane Fraser was first.

Electing the Abp of Cape Town
On September 25 the electoral assembly to choose a new Abp of Cape Town begins and readers are asked to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this gathering and on our representatives:

lay - Roger Schärges and Daryl Newton; 
clergy - Robert Penrith and Sharon Nell.

The three candidates are:
The Bishop of Grahamstown, Thabo Cecil Makgoba;
Nyameko Barney Pityana, Priest in the Diocese of Pretoria and Vice Chancellor of UNISA; and
The Bishop of Pretoria, Johannes Thomas Seoka.

ACSA is made up of 26 dioceses so, excluding Cape Town, the other 25 each send two clergy and two lay representatives, giving a total of 100 people before the Provincial and Cape Town representatives are added.

Three days are set aside for the election. The bishops don’t have a vote in the assembly but withdraw to consider the person once an election has been made. As the candidate will become the chairman of the Synod of Bishops they may then accept or reject him. He becomes the ‘first among equals’, no higher than any other diocesan bishop. He is the Archbishop of Cape Town and our Metropolitan - not 'our' archbishop.

Remembering in action

Yiba Nenceba Wellness committee had a Candlelight memorial Service at St Matthews Church KwaMagxaki on 17 June, with the theme of “Remembering in Action”, which was conducted by the assistant priest, Ntsikie Memesa, reports Linda Ncaca.

Ntsikie’s sermon was focused on the Youth as future leaders. Mandisa Tabata also gave a brief message of the day, stating that remembering without action would be betraying the memory. She asked, “When we light candles what action is then expected from the community, more especially the community of believers? Given the escalating rate of HIV infection and the high rate of deaths which compels us to do things differently it just cannot be business as usual. It is obvious that the manner in which we have been dealing with this disaster is not effective.” She then looked at the people involved, saying, “For parents, on the individual level we have to deal with issues of sexuality and talk about it at home with our children. This may be easier said than done, but we have no choice. To the community of believers, we are forced somehow by our convictions to rethink how we must intervene in order to help our fellow men. We need to shine the light by putting our faith into action in the way we support the infected and the affected.”

Our objective for Yiba  Nenceba is to remember in action, ensuring those that are infected are afforded a better quality of life.

To Yiba Nenceba committee members this was a day to remember special women such as Nkosazana Bisiwe, Lumka Makatesi, and Angeline Makwela, who had their faith displayed in action.

Pic: Bringing the message - Mandisa Tabata brings her message to the congregaton while Linda Ncaca and Lunga Mama look on. Lunga holds the AIDS memorial candle in preparation for its lighting.

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