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Vol 17 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 •  Floods caused havoc
 •  Texan pupils' gifts for educare centres
 •  A sabbatical mission
 •  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Floods caused havoc
Many homes in various parishes were badly damaged during the floods on 3 and 4 August and iindaba has had reports from some of them.

St Luke the Evangelist
Michael Julius, the rector, said that all feeding programmes of the parish church came to a halt due to the shanty and RDP settlements being inaccessible. Booysen Park Clinic was empty at 09h00 due to the roads being closed. “We will be using all our resources with the community workers and the inter-church group to help people in need. The heavy rain and floods caused much damage and many people had to seek shelter in community halls,” he told iindaba on the Sunday after the floods.

Zwartkops River Valley
Lyn Bosch, of Zwartkops River Valley Parish, reported on the flooding of the Swartkops river, which left the people living on Amsterdamhoek Road unable to leave their homes until the road had been cleared of debris. Among all this were drowned animals - a dog, a pig and a cow - which came to rest near the Settlers bridge. The homes of some of the members of St Nicholas in Redhouse were flooded when the river broke its banks on that side too. However, Sharon Nell, the rector, had her hands full ministering to the poorer people of Swartkops village whose homes were window high in water. Having been evacuated, thieves arrived and stole all their possessions! Sharon took clothing, bedding and hot food to them every day.

Other areas
Homes of members of St Stephen’s in New Brighton, St Peter’s in Zwide and Holy Spirit in KwaZakhele were also affected and members gathered to help wherever they could.

On-going help needed
As life returns to normal for many iindaba readers, please remember that those who have been the worst hit are those who can least afford it. Please continue to be generous in your help towards them. When your insurance pays out think of those who lost everything and could not afford insurance! Please contact the clergy of the parishes where the floods have caused havoc and send food and clothing to them. Remember, what you do for them, you do for the Lord.

Pics: x 4 above - St Luke's parishioners flooded - 1) A parishioner bails water out of her house; 2) The road was washed away at the Chatty River crossing, so Michael could not visit parishioners; 3) Fences were washed away; and 4) roofs needed stabilising.

Pics: Before and after - The Swartkops River in full force, taken from Lyn Bosch’s window and the debris left on Amsterdamhoek Road after the waters subsided.

Texan pupils' gifts for educare centres
Hazel Braun reports that the Educare centres of the diocese have benefitted from a project initiated by a former Port Elizabethan who ran it at a school where she teaches in Texas, USA.

Last month iindaba appealed for help for the centres and Wendy Bosman, who teaches at a Christian school, and was home on holiday, read the appeal and responded. Hazel received a phone call from Wendy who said that before coming on holiday she had given each pupil in the school $1.00 to ‘increase’. The result was a wonderful $2 000. Some of the innovative ways the pupils had increased their money were by selling ‘brownies’ and biscuits, running errands and taking photos.

Wendy has bought clothes, warm jerseys, food, cool drinks and biscuits and donated them to the educare centres.  Among the many other things she has also bought are tables, chairs, sturdy little bikes, blackboards, carpets and toys for all the centres and a slide for one of them.

Each of her pupils had also cut out teddy bears and written their names and a Bible text on them. These will be given to the little ones at the centres. 
Parishes responded too
Hazel is also very grateful to the many parishes who responded to her appeal. She said the generosity has been wonderful, and the children will be warm this winter.  “Once again, thank you one and all, and may God bless you. The children are grateful to you.”

Pic: Gifts for the children - Wendy Bosman from Texas is surrounded by some of the gifts she bought for the Educare Centres.

A sabbatical mission
When Terry and Jeanne Beadon heard from friends of the ‘Spiritual desert’ parts of Zimbabwe were going through at present, they decided to use Terry’s sabbatical leave from the Alexandria Parish as a time of mission.

They were invited up to a ranch near Kwekwe and arrived there on 11 July. Within a week they had connected with local pastors and the two fraternals and have been welcomed by all of them. Terry writes, “The folk are hungry for the Gospel. We have held house meetings, a school assembly, attended a 5 000+ rally in a township and Jen is spending the next 10 Saturday afternoons with about 120 Shona farm children. I have done some Bible studies and preaching. There is also a great hunger for church unity and I seem to be in the right place at the right time.”

iindaba hopes to have the full story when the Beadons return home.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
With the war in the Middle East in full swing (at the time of going to press) the planned pilgrimage to Israel has been postponed.

Please pray for the plans for new dates to be chosen. At present 26 February 2007 seems to be the chosen date for departure. iindaba will keep you posted.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
"May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls
and security within your citadels."
For the sake of my brothers and friends,
I will say, "Peace be within you."
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your
Psalm 122: 6-9.

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