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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
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 •  What a vibe!
 •  Standing in solidarity with abducted girls
 •  The Bishop has a new secretary
 •  Anglicans Ablaze

What a vibe!

What a vibrant atmosphere was felt in the Cathedral on Saturday 10 May when about 150 young, and not so young, people gathered for the ’I’m the one’ Conference.

The full title was, ‘I’m the one, saved by God to make a difference’ (Eph 2:8) and the dynamic MC, Mxolisi Makapela, did not allow anyone to forget it. Once the sound and data projector problems were sorted out and the conference got under way it was enjoyed by everyone. St Luke’s music group kept the vibe going in between the various speakers and the panel discussion.

Assistant priest at Holy Trinity Central and former youth chaplain, Nicolette Leonard, was the keynote speaker. Her topic was “How Spirit-filled believers live (as a group, individually and interpersonally with a focus on gender issues)”. She said that we are not powerless to fight the evil around us such as lust, self (eg ‘selfies’) and negativity. Eph 6 tells us how we should be transformed. She went on to speak of women being seen as sex objects, treated as slaves, abused etc but that Jesus came to restore what God intended - all are equal in the world, but that the church was resisting this restoration because there was fear of change from the status quo. God creates both men and women in his image and gave them the responsibility of ruling over everything and in Galatians, Paul reminds the church we are all one in Christ. On the personal side she posed the question, “Does your partner make you feel loved, supported and encouraged?” and said that if not, then get out of that relationship. She closed by saying that there are many Godly women who have the talents to transform the parishes they’re in.

Nicolette was followed by a panel of four clergy, Xana McCauley, Zweli Tom, Abigail Tukulu and Ruby Zauka who answered questions posed by the young people. Questions ranged from ‘How do we resist temptation?’ and ‘How do we make our committees/councils see our capabilities as women?’ to ‘Why do victims of sexual abuse not get out?’

The ‘Grand finale’ of the morning filled with a wonderful ‘vibe’ was the appearance of Modern Tribe who had everyone dancing in the aisles.

Pic: Top - Listening to a question posed by one of the young people are four clergy members of the panel - Xana McCauley, Zweli Tom, Abigail Tukulu and Ruby Zauka.
Bottom - As Modern Tribe played the young people showed how much they enjoyed the beat of the music by dancing in the aisles.

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Standing in solidarity with abducted girls

Clergy and parishioners from 11 of the churches in Central gathered on the Donkin on Saturday 7 June to show solidarity with the girls and support for the families of the 276 young girls abducted from their school in Nigeria by Boko Haram, and to give thanks for those who had managed to escape.

The rector of Holy Trinity, David Stansbury, led the time of praise and prayer and said, “We are praying for the safety and the release of the girls and standing in solidarity with their families ... as well as our brothers and sisters in all the churches in Africa who are under fire of persecution by Muslim radical groups.” The prayers were powerful as Christians from many nations who worship in the many churches in the area called upon God to intervene against the evil of Boko Haram and enable the girls’ safe release. The Islamist group’s name means (roughly translated) ‘western education is a sin’.

God had already blessed the gathering with a beautiful day and as they sang and prayed their numbers swelled as passers-by saw the placards and joined the group. The gathering was brought together by the Central Fraternal Churches and MOR 4 Central.

Keep up to date with news via: #Bringbackourgirls campaign

This hash tag was used on most of the posters held by those attending the gathering.

Some of the countries where Christians are persecuted: North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan, Iran, and Yemen.

Pic: Seen here are some of the crowd who gathered at the Donkin to pray for the Nigerian schoolgirls who have been abducted.

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The Bishop has a new secretary

Bishop Bethlehem has a new executive secretary, Adele Erasmus seen here with her husband Dean.

Adele and Dean have two boys, Luke in grade 6 and Jason in grade 2. She told iindaba, “We worship at Holy Trinity in Central where I was the PA and Secretary to David Stansbury for almost 10 Years, before embarking on a traumatic experience working at the Forensic Science Laboratory for two years until I began this job. I love interacting with people and have the gift of compassion. Dean and I are cell leaders and both assist with prayer ministry. I also assist teaching in Sunday School. Dean is in the worship group and assists with the healing and deliverance ministry. I believe God has placed me in this new position for a reason and I look forward to being a blessing in this ministry.

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Anglicans Ablaze

Conference ‘Hope is Rising’ 2-5 July
Please pray daily for everyone involved - speakers, participants, caterers and hosts.

Almighty God, consuming fire of love,
You have given us the vision
Anchored in the Love of Christ,
Committed to your mission and
Transformed by the Holy Spirit

We seek
To honour you in living worship,
To embody and proclaim
the Good News and
To grow communities of faith

Set us ablaze with your power and love
To build up your Church
And serve you in the world
To your praise and glory

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

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