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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Parishes sign pledge
 •  Bumping along and blessing a farm
 •  She's 111
 •  RIP all our new Christian martyrs
 •  "If we preach Christ ..."

Parishes sign pledge

Almost all of the parishes were represented at the Diocesan Transformation Process service in the Cathedral on Sunday afternoon 14 September. During the service the clergy or a lay representative came forward and signed their parish’s commitment to strive to embark on the process of transforming their parish, and so the diocese, through the five articles laid out in the pledge.

Bishop Bethlehem said that as we launch the transformation process, we need to look at our effectiveness as our commitment needs to be to the whole diocese and then beyond our borders, because other dioceses are watching us to see how this process works.

The Gospel commands us to go and make disciples, to baptise, teach and train them and to bring them to Christ. God proclaims that he makes all things new so we must be changed - he has given freely to us and we need to give freely to bring the changes needed.

He went on to speak of how the need for this process had arisen and the road we’d travelled so far saying that throughout history the church has had to adapt to the changing times. Just as Jesus had given time to people so do we need to resemble his nature and become like him. We need to live the life of love, the life of forgiveness, the life of servanthood and make our homes and communities the Kingdom of Christ. In this way we will make South Africa a better place as we bring people into a relationship with Christ.

Pic: Signing the Transformation pledge is the rector of St Barnabas and St Philip’s, Dave Doveton. Receiving his Pledge form from the Provost, Sharon Nell is David Stansbury, the rector of Holy Trinity Central while assistant priest Jogra Gallant is in attendance.

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Bumping along and blessing a farm

Saturday 13 September proved a beautiful day for Bishop Bethlehem to bless the farm “Scott-it” belonging to self-supporting priest Neil and Nicki Scott in the Kruisfontein area near Humansdorp.

We arrived at the farm early and had time to meet and talk to some of the people we didn’t know as we began preparing some of the food for the lunch to follow the blessing.

The service got under way before all the late-comers arrived but they joined the group along the way. Bishop Bethlehem and some brave ones climbed in the back of the bakkie and our first stop was the entrance gate. That area having been blessed, we bumped along to each of the corners of the farm – porcupines seem to have a thing about digging holes in the road – so that the blessing covered the whole farm. Once back at the homestead Bishop Bethlehem blessed the house, the family, the garden and the chicken hoks and then we celebrated together with a sheep which had spent four hours cooking on a spit, salads and delicious home-made farm bread.

Pic: Bishop Bethlehem blessing the farm entrance with self-supporting priest Fiona Esterhuysen, Nicki Scott, Cheryl and Charles Church, rector of the Good Shepherd Parish and self-supporting priest Neil Scott the farm owner holding the basin of holy water.

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She's 111
[ Linda Ncaca ]

Tshintshiwe Mabel Kambe (nee Stemele) was born on 1 January 1903 and that makes her 111 years old. She is a member of James Calata chapel (an outstation of St Matthew’s in KwaMagxaki) in Govan Mbeki and had six children - three boys and three girls – of which, sadly, only two of her daughters are still alive. She has 19 grandchildren (nine boys and ten girls), 45 great-grandchildren and 27 great-great-grandchildren.

iindaba extends congratulations to this wonderful woman.

Pic: Tshintshiwe Mabel Kambe being blessed by Bishop Bethlehem during a recent service at James Calata chapelry.

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RIP all our new Christian martyrs

“For the mourning, for the grieving
For the sacrifice of love
That redeems the works of hate
There’s a dancing, there’s a praising
There’s a celebration raised
As a saint completes the race”

Bill Drake, director of worship for Operation Mobilisation and friend of INcontext Ministries, wrote the song “Wear the Crown” in response to the martyrdom of Bonnie Witherall who was serving in the Middle East.

It is a reminder for us today that while we feel anguish when hearing of the suffering and deaths of our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Syria and beyond, we can also celebrate that they are receiving heavenly crowns given as rewards for lives lived in faithfulness regardless of the cost.

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"If we preach Christ ..."

“If we preach Christ, Anglicanism will flourish. If we preach Anglicanism nothing will flourish.”
- Archbishop Justin Welby

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