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Vol 24 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Seeking our way
 •  Wine that gladdens ..
 •  Laughter, singing at ‘Tiekieslaan'
 •  RIP Abp Emeritus Philip Russell
 •  Celebrating our heritage

Seeking our way

In an attempt to seek our way forward as a diocese, just over 100 members from the Archdeaconries of Kariega, The Bay and Tsitsikamma, together with representatives from organizations, gathered at Christ the King in Gelvandale on Saturday 20 July for the Convocation called by Bishop Bethlehem.

Dr Deon Pretorius, a former sociology professor from NMMU, led the deliberations. He first gave input on the role of the church in society and what we can learn from sociology and economics and then looked at whether we, as the church, can intervene to change society to become better. He asked the participants to answer questions about what they felt are the weaknesses, the strengths, the threats and the opportunities facing the diocese, society and the parish. The replies were posted on the walls of the church for all to see and at the end of the day were put into separate folders to be analysed by a planning team nominated during the session. Deon also said he is able to put together demographic profiles of each parish area in the diocese from the statistics he has.

At the start of the day Bishop Bethlehem said that the ministry of the church is for every baptized child of God to play his or her part. This is why he had called the convocation so that the diocese could look at the function of the people as they heard what God is saying to us and plan together for the future.

Top - Dr Deon Pretorius and the rector of St Mark and St John, Gill Bowman, check some of the strengths of the diocese submitted by participants.
Bottom - When there are 100 people to feed there have to be queues!

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Wine that gladdens ..

Wine is mentioned many times in the bible with verses such as in Psalm 104:15 speaking of “… wine that gladdens the heart of man,” and Paul’s admonition to Timothy 5:23 “Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and frequent illnesses.”

With such advice what better way to spend Thursday evening 26 July than tasting five wines from the Goose and the Gander labels. Arranged by the Cathedral and held in the St Saviour’s hall, the 80 participants listened to promoter Lindi explain the cultivars that make-up the various red and white wines. Then it was time to taste each one and enjoy the wonderful spread of cheeses, breads and biscuits to help clear the palate in between.

Sale of the tickets helped the cathedral meet their contribution to the ‘Tiekieslaan’.

Pic: Jackie and Tyrone Rennie with Rodney Gibson of the Cathedral enjoying a glass of wine at the Wine Tasting. 

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Laughter, singing at ‘Tiekieslaan'

The money they ‘slaaned’ at St John’s in Walmer on Saturday 3 August did not make a noise because most of it was paper or EFT notes. However, the laughter and singing made lots of noise as members of the parishes and organisations of the diocese brought up their contributions to the tables when Quintin Knight and Prof Henry Thipa called their names.

Parish representatives had come from as far as Alexandria in the east and The Good Shepherd, Humansdorp, in the west , with some even having come from the Karoo in the northern part of the diocese. They danced with joy as they handed over their money to Miriam Stiemens, Busi Gwentshu and Thursia Francis who carefully recorded each rand given. Well, most of it was paper but St Francis Xavier also handed in five plastic bottles of 5c pieces for the girls’ to count on the Monday! (see photo page 4). Those who turned up late missed the fun as did those who didn’t come at all.

The last report in is that the total raised is just over R250 000 which gives the diocese half what is owed to Province.


Even members of the Gospel group Emmanuel ‘slaaned’ their money on the table at the ‘Tiekieslaan’ while the MU Christian Family Life President, Mazoe Nopece (centre) and her members prepared to come forward ... some with their notes tucked into their glasses frames!

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RIP Abp Emeritus Philip Russell

21 October 1919 – 25 July 2013

Archbishop Emeritus Philip Russell died on 25 July. He was the founder-bishop of our diocese when it was inaugurated in 1970 and served here for five years before being translated to Natal and then to Cape Town as Archbishop, retiring in 1986.

On the occasion of our Silver Jubilee Abp Philip said he found Port Elizabeth his ideal of what a diocese should be - the Diocesan Bishop, without suffragans, truly the Father-in-God of a loving and exciting family.

See Bishop’s letter pg 3

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Celebrating our heritage

Although this was written by Cecil Kerr for Ireland, iindaba thinks it is very appropriate for us today.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the way of peace.
Come into the brokenness of this land
With your healing love.
Help us to be willing to bow before you
In true repentance.
And to bow to one another
In true reconciliation.
By the fire of your Holy Spirit
Melt our hard hearts and consume
The pride and prejudice
Which separate us from each other.
Fill us, O Lord, with your perfect love
Which casts out fear
And bind us together in that unity
Which you share with the Father
And the Holy Spirit forever.

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