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Vol 23 No 7


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  A parish on the move
 •  Married for 63 years
 •  An eventide prayer

A parish on the move

... or what happens when a parish knuckles down to do things!

The Parish of the Good Shepherd in the Humansdorp area has flourished over the past few years – not only in numbers but also in the care of their buildings.

St Faith’s, Hankey
In 1999 plans had been passed and the foundations thrown for the new building, however, everything came to a standstill. During 2007 Tommy Maulgas, one of the lay ministers visited the church for a service and felt he could help by supplying his expertise as a builder and supplying the materials at cost. With his supervision and the parishioners hard work the building was completed – as was reported in the June iindaba – and now a congregation of about 80 meet there for worship.

All Soul’s, Blue Lillies Bush
About a year ago this chapel, which was founded in 1898 to provide a school and place of worship in the area, was upgraded by the congregation. Two classrooms were converted into a hall with a kitchen and toilets added.

At St Andrew’s Stormsriver
The original land was sold to a developer a few years ago and, using the same plans from St Faith’s, only slightly enlarged, the new church building and toilets have been erected. Again, under the supervision of Tommy Maulgas and with his providing the materials at cost, the parishioners have done the building.

Pic: Lunch break for the builders during construction of the new chapel of St Andrew’s in Stormsriver.

St Francis, Jeffrey’s Bay
This little church has needed a hall for a very long time. The congregation has been fundraising for a long time and at last, this year, the hall has been added.

The new hall which has recently been completed at St Francis chapelry in Jeffrey’s Bay.

St Francis United Church
St Francis Bay

On Wednesday 25 April the St Francis United Church Building was dedicated to God, in a service led by three clergy, Anthony Sutton, Charles Church and Ronnie Allwright. The Lord filled his house with almost 250 people leaving standing room only. The following Sunday saw over 200 people, representing eight different denominations, worshipping.

The original Anglican congregation had met in a large dance studio in a house in Santareme. When the congregation became too large they began meeting in the bowling club hall and by then it was realized that an ecumenical service was needed as the vision was not only for the Anglicans in the area but for all the Christians who did not have a meeting place. After much prayer a plot of land was donated by one couple. Then God continued to provide - a construction company offered to build at cost, a structural engineer offered his services free, the ‘new’ congregation became involved in laying a path, planting the garden, painting, decorating etc and substantial donations came in.

Pic: Top - The rector of the Parish of the Good Shepherd in Humansdorp, Charles Church, with the Methodist minister, Anthony Sutton, at the service of thanksgiving at St Francis United Church in St Francis Bay. Present, but not in the photo is former rector, Ronnie Allwright.
Bottom- The sanctuary at St Francis Bay United Church.

God-given talents
The wonderful thing about all these buildings and upgrades is that the church, the Body of Christ, has come together and used their God-given talents to accomplish all of this at no cost to the diocese … it has all been done and paid for by the congregations. Praise God for his people.

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Married for 63 years
[ Carole Meyer ]

Frank and Winifred Hardy, who have been active members of St Mary’s Cathedral congregation for the past 46 years, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on 18 June. They are both 90 years old and were married in Manchester, England, in 1949.

Frank’s advice for a long and happy marriage - love and care for one another, and share and understand each other’s point of view. The couple had four children, two boys and two girls and now have eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

They joined the Cathedral in 1966 and Frank served as churchwarden for several years. The congregation and iindaba congratulate them.

Pic: Frank and Winifred Hardy who celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on 18 June.

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An eventide prayer

O Lord, support us all the day-long of this troublous life,
until the shades lengthen,
and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed,
the fever of life is over,
and our day is done;
Then, Lord, in thy mercy
grant us a safe lodging,
a holy rest, and peace at the last;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Parish Prayers: by Frank Colquhoun

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