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Vol 23 No 5


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  New Vision for Haven
 •  Celebrating the annunciation
 •  Kathleen turns 94
 •  Environmental Sunday - 3 June

New Vision for Haven

The House of Resurrection Haven is hoping to begin a total overhaul by the end of December, in a bold move to comply with legislation requiring orphans and vulnerable children to be housed in homes of six children and a ‘mother’.

However, there is much more to the vision than that – it is the hope that the children will become more confident and ‘outward looking’ when they have a home they belong to and where they will be able to invite their friends to visit as any other ordinary family member would. They will be raised in a healthy, Christian family environment and, hopefully, be lifted out of the sorry neglect of their past and be challenged to reach their potential best. Nicolette Leonard the Haven Administrator told iindaba, “We want to see the House of Resurrection Haven become a place where the children will be ‘resurrected’ to life from the past terrible lives they’ve had. We want them to become part of the community, not this isolated group living behind walls and razor wire.”

The vision has been helped by Belgian architectural student, Ruben Dohnt, who has visited the Haven for the past seven years. Initially he came with a group of students but as the Haven and the children crept into his heart, he began fund raising in Belgium towards medical help and outings for the children - collecting about R80 000 a year. He is now in his final year of studies in Ghent and has presented plans for the new homes for the children. However, as a beginning on this trip, he has initiated the building of a Jungle Gym which will have a ‘mountain’ the children can climb and be able to ‘look over the walls to the passing world.’

Nicolette is praying that the church and local businesses will help raise the funds to make this ambitious, but very necessary project, happen.

Pic: Haven administrator, Nicolette Leonard, listens as Ruben Dohnt explains how high the sand ‘mountain’ will reach. German volunteer Robert Balcke looks on.

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Celebrating the annunciation
[ Thami Nyondo ]

Known to members of the Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life as Lady day, 25 March is the day when we celebrate the Angel Gabriel being sent to announce to Mary, the Virgin, that she was to be the mother of Jesus the Messiah. This annunciation celebration has been immensely significant for nearly 2 000 years and especially to the MUCFL since its inception.

This year a great number of the MUCFL members converged on the Parish of St Stephen in New Brighton to celebrate. The event kicked off with a banner procession from Embizweni Square to St Stephen’s where the MU chaplain, Vincent Mdidimba, opened the ceremony with a Scripture reading from John 12: 20 & 21. Thereafter, the MUCFL President, Mazoe Nopece, gave the introduction of the day on the theme ‘Mary walks with us.’ In her introduction Mazoe encouraged members to do their duty of looking after family life in the same way that Mary did. We were also inspired by the message from the guest speaker, Thandi Xundu, who requested the members to ensure that their actions speak louder than their words.

The members also reflected on the five objectives of the Mothers’ Union and the day closed on a very high note with members showing the eagerness to continue the marvellous work they, as the MUCFL, have been doing.

Pic: The MUCFL chaplain, Vincent Mdidimba, praying outside St Stephen’s before the banner procession enters the church on Lady Day.

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Kathleen turns 94
[ Molly O’Hagan Ward ]

Kathleen Nance Hickman of Addo who turned 94 on
12 April is seen with Lovemore Mofu, assistant priest
at Sundays River Valley Parish, who came to visit her
on her birthday in order to administer communion.

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Environmental Sunday - 3 June

Gracious God, Creator and Redeemer of all that is,
you have made human beings in your image and likeness
and by the work of your hands, fashioned the whole universe in beauty and majesty;
awaken in us a deeper reverence for all you have created,
and renew among us an eagerness to nurture and sustain your precious gift of life.

- Archbishop Thabo Makgoba from a set of prayers to be used during Eucharist services on Environmental Sunday 3 June

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