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Vol 23 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Appreciating our Bishop
 •  Women with a mission
 •  Celtic prayer
 •  Month of Compassion

Appreciating our Bishop

Beautiful traditional outfits were enhanced by the stunning decor in St Stephen’s hall in New Brighton on Saturday night 11 August when about 200 guests gathered to pay tribute to Bishop Bethlehem for the ten (actually 11) years he has been our Bishop.

Zola Yeye began the evening by saying that one of the scarcest resources is water, but much more scarce is appreciation, so this was being rectified with this evening to show Bishop Bethlehem how much he is appreciated within his diocese.

The group Mighty Sweet Waters had everyone’s feet tapping, and some taking to the dance floor. Lelethu Mahambehlala had adapted a poem, “The Calling,” for the occasion and enthralled with another as well, and Professor Henry Thipa held everyone’s attention as he spoke on “God give us good leaders”1. He posed the question of whether the church is preparing leaders for the 21st century saying that one needs a vision of where one wants to go and how to get there. He said that the church needs informed and educated leaders and that they need continuous relevant training. They need a balance between knowledge of the world and knowledge of the bible. He spoke of the need to thoroughly screen candidates who come forward for ordination as the Holy Spirit cannot, and must not, be used to cover-up mediocrity. He went on to ask where the voice of the church is today in condemning the present government for the wrong it is doing, saying that during the apartheid era the church was vocal and played no small part in bringing change. He said, “God give us tall leaders with a vision to lead and to know where they are going.” The professor was given a standing ovation.

Bishop Bethlehem replied very graciously saying he was overwhelmed to think that all this was for a shepherd boy who became a bishop. He thanked everyone for affirming him and Mazoe, his children and his sister for their support too.

1 The full text of Professor Thipa’s speech is on our web page under ‘news’. www:anglicandiocesepe.org.za

Bishop Lunga Ka Siboto enjoyed a dance with Jessie Haya. 

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Women with a mission

To uplift the women within their community

Members of the Kariega Archdeaconry Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life gathered at St Stephen’s in New Brighton on 24 -25 August for a Conference.

The theme was Vuselela Project “Yizani Sakhe” 2015 and covered the topics of Agriculture, Health and Social Development with special emphasis on the role of young women. Mrs Lizie Thipa had coordinated the two day programme and spoke on the role of MU in poverty alleviation and the impact thereof to church growth. Presentations were also made by Thembani Nyokana of the Dept of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Dudu Jopi on Health and Nomonde Duba on Social Development while Hazel Nkumanda spoke on how to address the Spiritual needs of MUCFL members.

In preparation for the conference Department of Agriculture had already assessed the gardens at eight of our churches and trained MUCFL members in crop production. They received their certificates at the conference and more members are going on training courses. Free seeds, guidance and utensils will be issued shortly.

Having a healthy lifestyle and the training of care-givers were two of the subjects touched upon during the presentation by Dudu Jopi of the Health Department. She spoke on AIDs and TB within the community encouraging the DOTS programme and the need to identify support groups to be trained to help in the various areas. She asked the members to encourage immunisation and for pregnant women to be tested for AIDs.

While the speakers were talking members were quietly having their blood pressure and sugar tested with HIV ‘know your status’ counselling and tests also going on.

Nomonde Duba of the Dept of Social Development encouraged members to bring the vulnerable to the department for help - ‘to join hands to make a difference.’

Lizie Thipa in her presentation urged the members to be like blinkered horses and stay focused on the goals, to be team members playing together to go forward and to shift from talking to being hands-on.

Pic: Those behind the presentation of the MUCFL Conference were Nombelelo Nkowane, Yolisa Ndzware (Presiding Member), Lizie Thipa who coordinated the organisation, Thobeka Madlingozi and Zoleka Ngqolombe (Dep Presiding Member).

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Celtic prayer

It’s cold and misty on the Isle today but I walk on a path of light.
For I know my own greatness
You have built me a throne within your heart
and I can never even for a moment fall out of the everlasting arms.
I am on my way to Glory. 

Pic: Celtic cross of St Patrick

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Month of Compassion

But you, O Lord,
are a compassionate and gracious God,
slow to anger, abounding in love
and faithfulness.
Ps 86:15

A dove flew into St Hugh’s during their time of Festival
and settled on the cross in the sanctuary.

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