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Vol 22 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  The truth shall set you free
 •  Zukisa new PYC vice-president
 •  Gripping documentary
 •  Prayer thought

The truth shall set you free

A former ‘cash in transit’ robber gave a moving testimony at All Saints in Kabega Park on Sunday 24 July when he told of his 11 years as an inmate of St Alban’s maximum security prison, and how giving his life to the Lord Jesus had ‘set him free’. Wayne Nuku now works for the Lord by telling his story to youth groups and gatherings of young people to try and help them to not get involved in crime.

Wayne told of how he was ‘looking for something’ but didn’t know what it was. He had lots of money, was married, had three children but had no peace inside, so he turned to crime. In 1999 he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for armed robbery and was sent to St Alban’s prison. It was not an easy place to be in because of the gangs.

Church services were held during the week but he didn’t attend until one day in 2003 he felt ‘chased’ into the service, so he slipped into the back row. When an invitation was given for anyone to share what the Lord had done for them Wayne ‘found’ himself at the front telling of how he had been save from death when shot, and much more, then he began to sob, asking for forgiveness. From then onwards he gave everything to the Lord Jesus and began to trust him in everything – although tested by personal difficulties which included the death of his father and his wife filing for divorce.

Wayne joined prison chaplain Jogra Gallant’s study group doing the TEE certificate course, and also began a group named ‘Call out against crime – the offender rehabilitation path.’ He said that when he was released (early) he saw how the enemy (Satan) was destroying the youth so he felt called to get involved in reaching out to them. He also realised there is no support group for ex prisoners so he’s hoping to get one going. Wayne closed by saying, “I had to go to St Alban’s maximum for me to find my Lord and redeemer so I’m now trying to help others not to have to go the hard route to find their Lord.”

Wayne also spoke at St Hugh’s who supported the TEE studies of students at St Alban’s this year, and have budgeted to do so again when they need to register for next year’s courses.

Help for TEE Learners at St Alban’s
Many thanks to parishes and parishioners who have supported people like Wayne Nuku in the past. If you would like to assist with funding for Wayne and the other learners for 2012, please contact: Howard Lancaster on 041 360 3581,
e-mail howard@allsaints.org.za or Mike McCoy on 041 365 1298 e-mail mike@writeright.co.za

Pic: Speaking at St Hugh’s Wayne Nuku, a former cash-in-transit robber, tells of how Jesus has set him free.

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Zukisa new PYC vice-president

Three members of our diocesan youth attended the Provincial Youth Council consultation held in the Diocese of False Bay from 20 - 26 June. They were the youth chaplain, Joshua Koening, Zukisa Jeyi and Zenda Lee. At the consultation Zukisa was elected to the Provincial Executive committee as Provincial vice-president.

During the six days’ input was given by five organisations:
Operation Hope – it’s about financial education; Agent of Change – positive peer pressure; Equip for Church – skills and training ministry; Growing the Church and Hope Africa. From their input a 10 year plan of growth was initiated which, with the help from these partners, will include finance, outreach, projects around AIDS and empowering the young people in their holistic development. They also aim to network among dioceses.

Each diocese also presented a report on their successes and challenges and resolutions were formulated by council members to be presented at the coming Provincial Standing Committee. The 10 year business plan for PYC was also refined.

Next year’s Consultation will be held in Lesotho.

Any youth groups wanting to hear more about consultation can contact Zukisa on: 073 806 8356

Pic: The newly elected Provincial Youth Executive with Abp Thabo Makgoba. front row: Elsie Mahlaela - Treasurer, Nonkululeko Dineka - Secretary, Tom Tshiponyana - Provincial Youth Chaplain, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, Nonhlanhla Shezi - President, Zukisa Jeyi - Vice President;
back row: Exec members - Shane Thomas, Nasson Paruque and Sithule Siyotula, Archbishop’s Chaplain - Moiloa, and Youth Co-ordinator -Tony Lawrence

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Gripping documentary
[ The Daniel Project ]

Many years of research and five years in the making, “The Daniel Project” is a gripping documentary for our time.

In the month of June Christ Church Kamma Park was pleased to host two viewings of this exciting new documentary movie. It has sparked much discussion and interest in end time events and particularly the political wrangling in Israel.

The Daniel Project is a feature length documentary made for TV and cinema, however a special edition DVD set has been made available for a short time pre-release.

It covers 20 biblical prophecies relating to the end of days and shows how world events have fulfilled these prophecies or, in the cases of prophecies yet to be fulfilled, how geology and other factors make it possible, and foreseeable, that these could be fulfilled in our time.

This is not a ‘religious’ film, but a well researched and fast paced look into Bible prophecy and the signs of the times in which we live; worldwide economic crises, wars and rumours of wars, the rise in the ‘Big Brother’ surveillance society, conflagration in the Middle East and an increase in natural and man-made disasters.

The prophecies say that those who are alive in these days will finally understand what they mean – but only the Wise will understand what to do...

One of the main contributors Jacob Prasch, who recently visited Port Elizabeth, is a world renowned bible expositor and teacher on biblical prophecy.

For more information visit their website: www.thedanielprojectmovie.com
and to purchase your own copy of the double disk dvd contact Alan Mackenzie on 082 452 3278.

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Prayer thought

Pray for the Synod of Bishops followed by Provincial Standing Committee (PSC) meeting taking place from 26-30 September.

Pray for:
- a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the meetings;
- wisdom and discernment in all issues discussed;
- a special blessing on Abp Thabo Makgoba as he chairs both the meetings.

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