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Vol 22 No 5


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Karoo worship
 •  Ruby leads Evensong
 •  Pentecost 2011

Karoo worship
[ Allan Anderson of St John the Baptist Walmer reports. ]

Many male members of the diocese travelled to Middelburg in the Karoo to attend the Mighty Men’s Conference on the farm Rusoord from 29 April to 1 May.

When Angus Buchan was told by God some years back to cancel all his appointments for that year and minister to men, he started the Mighty Men Conferences on his farm Shalom. The first meeting had over 200 men and the 7th and final meeting at Shalom had over 600 000 men, men from all over the world.

God has now planned that these meetings of men must continue and this year meetings are being held in various provinces of RSA as well as other countries.

We in the Eastern Cape have been blessed with our meeting being held on the farm Rusoord near Middelburg. The folk of that area have stepped forward to arrange all that one needs for such a meeting. God’s creation has provided a most beautiful open area Cathedral surrounded with lovely koppies and mountains, clear skies and wonderful fresh air. The stage and seating was perfect for all to see and hear. But most of all, the cross that has been set up on a koppie which is lit up at night. One can really feel the presence of God here, in a perfect place to be quiet with our Lord and share His word with fellow men.

Camping on uneven ground and with extremely cold nights (minus 3 degrees) is something to get used to, but having the closeness of fellow campers made a wonderful time for fellowship, with the 4 000 to 5 000 that were there.

What a sight to see when men and sons gathered to worship together and to witness. As the weekend progressed, how past prejudices, hates, problems and differences between families and/or friends were reconciled and love and forgiveness were evident. To God be the glory. As the Holy Spirit moved among us there was so much healing, reconciliation, confession, weeping, hugging and renewing of one’s faith, it was electric!

On Friday evening we gathered at 19h00 and were warmed by a wonderful worship team. This was followed by heart rending testimonies from Fran Cronje (Hansie’s brother) and Andries Botha. Some were disappointed that Angus did not preach and were quickly told that this weekend was about Jesus and not Angus.

Saturday when Angus arrived he told us that if we had come for him then he would leave and confirmed that the weekend was about Jesus.

The theme for the weekend was ‘Being transformed by His love’, and Angus talked about the robber on the cross and Jesus assuring him that they would be together in Paradise. The weekend led us to realise that we all need to be transformed, make changes in our lives, have more quiet times with God (go to the mountain top to meet God as Jesus often did), and reconcile with those whom we have hurt and who have hurt us, and learn forgiveness. Angus told of a ex-policeman who was hijacked on his way to an MMC. He managed to overpower the highjacker, who escaped later but was picked up on the road and taken to the MMC - and today is the pastor in Cape Town townships.

Angus encouraged us to turn to God from whom our strength comes, to stop making excuses and let go and let God! Those of us who went to this meeting must tell of our experiences that took place there and what is happening since, because personal testimonies are powerful. We want to encourage other men to go next year as this was the first of five meetings planned at Rusoord.

Give your life to Jesus and fly like an eagle. All praise and glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Pics: Top - MMC Prayer Mountain on Rusoord
Bottom - Fathers and sons worship together

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Ruby leads Evensong

Things are changing at the Cathedral and history is being made with women finding their place in the leading of worship. On Sunday 17 April Assistant priest Ruby Zauka sang Evensong – the first time a woman has done so at St Mary’s. It was a wonderful service with the Cathedral Choir, under the direction of Timothy Lees, singing the ‘Requiem Mass’ by Gabriel Faure in the setting of Traditional Choral Evensong. Jill Nock was the soloist with Justin Stone at the organ.

Holy Week began, for all those who filled the Cathedral to join in this historic service, in glorious worship as the choir, Ruby and Jill, together with Tim and Justin, all combined to lift our Spirits to great heights. The new vice-provost, Dave Doveton, challenged us with his message around the reading of Jesus cleansing the Temple and saying, “My house should be a House of Prayer.”

Hopefully, more members of the diocese will attend these wonderful services at the Cathedral while we still have Tim Lees with us.

Pic: Newly appointed vice-provost, Dave Doveton, with Ruby Zauka, the first woman to lead Evensong at the Cathedral.

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Pentecost 2011

But this is what was spoken
by the prophet Joel:
“In the last days,” God says,
“I will pour out my Spirit on all people.”
Acts 2:16-17

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