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Vol 22 No 1


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Four priested in Advent
 •  Former priests honoured
 •  Thank you!
 •  A prayer for the New Year

Four priested in Advent

At the beginning of Advent four new priests were ordained by Bishop Bethlehem: Mark Barth, Robin Behrens (deaconed then priested), Sipho Bodlani and Margaret Roskruge.

Mark, who has just spent a year at College of Tranfiguration, will begin a two year internship at St Hugh’s in Newton Park, Robin is now an assistant priest at St John the Baptist in Walmer, Sipho is a self-supporting priest licenced to St Matthew’s in KwaMagxaki and Margaret is a self-supporting priest licenced to assist at St Barnabas, Sidwell, and St Philip’s in Central.

Canon of the diocese, Dr George Malek, had led them in their preordination retreat and was the preacher at the service. He spoke of the man who enters like a thief in the night, who then shows his identity - his hands and his side. Malek told them that the life of a priest needs to be exactly like the life of Jesus. He breathed on his disciples and then he re-created them. “You were made of dust but now you’re made of the Spirit … Perceive who Jesus is … New priests you have Jesus.”

Pic: Big smiles please! Bishop Bethlehem stands behind Margaret Roskruge, Robin Behrens, Sipho Bodlani and Mark Barth after he had ordained them as priests at the beginning of Advent.

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Former priests honoured

At a glittering Gala Dinner and Evening of Appreciation held at the Nongauza Jebe Hall in New Brighton on Saturday evening 20 November, priests who have served at St Stephen’s were honoured.

Paying tribute to them the rector, Zweli Tom, said he felt that people often forget those who went ahead and were sowing the seeds. Professor Thipa read the long list of ‘Guests of Honour’ from James Calata, who had served from 1921 to 1926, up to the present rector. The priest, or his descendants, who were present stood up to be acknowledged. Later in the evening Bishop Bethlehem handed out the plaques of acknowledgement to them.

Dr Barney Pityana, the newly appointed rector of the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown was the guest speaker. He spoke of his years at St Stephen’s as a young man and the place church played in his life during the anti-apartheid struggle years. He spoke particularly about the stance taken by Douglas Mbopa against the security police. He said, “It is not surprising that St Stephen’s was the ‘mother’ church in the new diocese because it taught values and faith to the people of New Brighton.” He went on to speak of authority in the church and the place of the Bishop and Priests.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by the very exciting New Afro Teens Band, a group of school-going musicians who have just released their first CD entitled ‘Siyazazisa’. It was a special occasion for Khusta and Karen Jack, the parents of two members of the group - Themba and Cayla-Rose - because the priest who had performed their marriage ceremony at St Stephen’s, Sidwell Thelejane, was present to receive his token of appreciation for the years he served there - see also pg 4.
Pic: Bishop Bethlehem with Jessie Haya who received the plaque for her late husband James, Zweli Tom the present rector of St Stephen’s and former rector, Sidwell Thelejane, with his plaque received at the Gala Dinner.

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Thank you!

Parishioners of St Laurence Church in Scalby, UK, have received a beautiful banner as a thank you for the donation Zwartkops River Valley Parish received from them to build a shelter for the soup kitchen. Bev Shepherd made the banner together with Gill Bowman who was the assistant priest at ZRV at the time.

Bev Shepherd of ZRV displays the thank you banner which was sent to the UK before Christmas.

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A prayer for the New Year

 Father Forgive:

Father Forgive:
The hatred which divides nation from nation, race from race, class from class
Father Forgive:
The covetous desires of men and nations to possess what is not their own
Father Forgive:
The greed, which exploits the labour of men and lays waste the earth
Father Forgive:
The indifference to the plight of the homeless and needy
Father Forgive:
The lust, which uses for ignoble acts, the bodies of men and women
Father Forgive:
The pride which leads us to put trust in ourselves and not in God

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