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Vol 21 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Being real with one another
 •  150 years of worship
 •  An Italian affair
 •  Healthcare Sunday looks at 'Going Forward'
 •  AIDS Memorial Candle lit

Being real with one another

Speaking at the ‘Women’s Day breakfast at St Paul’s on Monday 9 August Maureen Lamb said, “Ministry is being real with one another. When the fig leaves have gone we can be real, we can be ourselves.”

The breakfast was very well attended and everyone was impressed with the beautifully decorated tables.

Maureen first took everyone on a very light-hearted walk down ‘memory lane’ of her time of ministry at St Paul’s. She went on to speak of women’s ministry An Italian affair around the home to husbands, children and to their parents.

She closed by saying it is the women who bear the children who will become the bishops and priests of the future.

The breakfast was very well attended and each woman brought cereals or sugar with them as a donation for Operation Smile Madiba Bay paediatric clinic at Northwood.

Accolades in abundance go to the men of St Paul’s who prepared and served a delicious and innovative breakfast which included such delicacies as ‘Eggs Franciscan.’

Pic: Carol Brand with Maureen Lamb and some of the children from Operation Smile Madiba Bay at the Women’s Day breakfast held at St Paul’s.

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150 years of worship
[ Elaine Luyt ]

 Christ Church Alexandria 1860 - 2010

Christ Church, Alexandria, is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a weekend of fellowship and praise. We have contacted past ministers and parishioners and even the descedants of the Revd Phillip Copeman, founder of our church in 1860.

The weekend of the 17-19 September will be a celebration of grateful thanks to our lord for all his blessing over 150 years.

On Friday evening Bishop Bethlehem will preside over all the activities starting with an art exhibition showing our local artist and professor of art, Deon Lemmer’s work and that of his pupils, followed by a cantata produced by Joan Davis, wife of the Revd John Davis. Saturday will be a day of reminiscing with past and present guests and parishioners over a luncheon. This should be a laugh in itself. Imagine the stories.

Sunday is the highlight of our weekend when we give grateful thanks [at the 10h30 service] to God for 150 years of faithful worship. Bishop Bethlehem will bless the 150th anniversary plaque followed by Communion and a real Alexandrian country tea and eats.

There will be a wonderful and informative brochure on sale [R30] which is full of Christ Church history and stories and photos compiled by Dorothy Prinsloo, daughter of sculptress, Maureen Quin [du Plessis] that is another thing to do at the weekend. Visit Maureen’s sculpture garden and studio.

We give grateful thanks to all who have, and will, contribute to make this memorable weekend. To God be the glory!

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An Italian affair

Having enjoyed a wonderful visit to Italy, the rector Sharon Nell, and assistant priest Gill Bowman, of Zwartkops River Parish were asked to share the experience with their parishioners. This they did in wonderful style with delicious Italian food (oh, those desserts!), decorations and a photographic presentation.

Among the places visited were Rome with its beautiful buildings and fountains (and crazy traffic!) and Assissi with its wonderful old monastery.

Pic: Dessert time had everyone tucking in to plates of delicious ‘goodies.’

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Healthcare Sunday looks at 'Going Forward'
[ Dr Frank Muller (CMF) Erica Grunewald (HCFI) ]

The theme for Healthcare Sunday this year is “Healthcare in South Africa - Going Forward means Turning Back” - thoughts on the concept of repentance. It falls on 17 October and is co-promoted by the Christian Medical Fellowship of South Africa (CMF) and Healthcare Christian Fellowship International (HCFI).

The celebration of Healthcare Sunday began in the UK in the mid-nineties, from where it has spread around the world. It is held on the third Sunday in October, close to 18 October, the day traditionally known as St Luke's Day. Recently, this
initiative has grown rapidly in South Africa, with some 5,000 churches being asked to participate this year.

The aims of this celebration are:
• To bring the service of healthcare workers to the specific, praying, attention of the community of faith.
• To illustrate and emphasise the impact that the local Christian community is having on healthcare.
• To encourage active support of healthcare workers and healthcare projects within the community of faith.

Turning back - repentance; the Hebrew word teshuvah, repentance, is derived from the Hebrew root sh-u-v, which means "to return" - the implication being to return to God. Thus, when the bible says (Deut 4:30), "when you return to the Lord your God," this refers to repentance. The concept of "return" also implies that the way of God is the created norm and wrongdoing a deviation.

We thank the Lord and praise him for those whom he has called to serve as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and use this day to particularly remember them in prayer.

We trust that your church will also participate on 17 October. In a short time, you will receive a further update with some suggestions and ideas. For now, we would be grateful if you could diarise this date.

• The Christian Medical Fellowship of South Africa has been in existence for more than half a century. It seeks to encourage healthcare workers to glorify and honour Christ in their Healthcare Sunday looks at ‘Going Forward’ daily practice, linking faith and service. Through mutual study of the Word, prayer and fellowship, members are strengthened and encouraged to serve in their place of work, according to the example of Christ. To find out more about us, please visit our website at www.cmf.org.za.

•Healthcare Christian Fellowship is interdenominational and operates as an arm of the church. Constrained by God, Carl and Francis Grim founded the fellowship in South Africa in 1936. From here, the fellowship has spread to many parts of the world. The mission of HCF International is to extend God's Kingdom in the health field worldwide through prayer, evangelism and discipleship. Christians in the health field have unique opportunities for witness and service to the needs
of the whole person, through compassionate ministry.

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AIDS Memorial Candle lit

A member of the Mothers’ Union
Christian Family Life lights the
AIDs candle during the annual service
at St Francis, KwaNoxolo.


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