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Vol 21 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Church of the Ascension takes Christ to the people
 •  The Diocese is turning 40
 •  New equipment blessed
 •  Candle in memory of AIDS victims

Church of the Ascension takes Christ to the people
[ Lufefe Boss ]

with a soup kitchen ...

“Tonight, the 4th of July, somebody is shaking as the wind blows, somebody is missing a friend, somebody is lacking a hero and they have no clue when the sun will shine again.”

It was a pop musics great, Michael Jackson, who sang about healing a broken world in 1992. Of course 18 years have passed since then, but the world is no better.

The Church of the Ascension, Cradock, in a bid to do their bit towards a better world, have started an initiative that should be inspirational to all. The Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life’s Action and Outreach Unit committee have taken it on themselves to help those in need by forming a soup kitchen ministry. Co-ordinated by Mrs Silwana the kitchen caters for about 68 - 80 people weekly on Wednesdays.

As the church recognises that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, the kitchen does not discriminate and serves people on the basis of need and not congregation, with the very poor and ill taking priority. Seeing people in the warm surroundings of the church being served a delicious hot meal that, for the majority of them, is all they have to look forward to in the week, is a sight to melt the hardest of hearts. The church has even gone as far as to collect the names and addresses of those who are too old or too ill to walk to church and makes sure that their meals are delivered to them.

Because of the reaction and appreciation among the recipients, the church is determined to grow and expand the ministry. A big step has already been taken with the starting of a vegetable garden with the men of St Bernard Mizeki Guild along with our rector, Pumla Mtila, giving their time on Saturdays to guarantee its success. There is always room to grow and improve and help will never be turned away.

We are most grateful for a few sponsors who recognise the responsibility we have towards our community – a private sponsor of chicken has agreed to a term of four months; local business Adami is providing groceries worth R200 for the next two months, with a donation of R1000 having been received recently. We should not only applaud the sponsors but we should follow suit and take it upon ourselves to shine the light of Christ to those who need it most urgently

... and career choices

It is well known that no nation is free from the terrible burdens of historic evils. No nation is composed of angels free from human frailty. The relevant question is not and should not be – are these people perfect? But should be rather read – what are these people doing about their imperfections? In what direction are they moving and how fast?

The Church of the Ascension in Cradock, as part of their various social responsibility programmes, noticed how youth in the township of Lingelihle simply do not go further than writing and passing the matric certificate.

This can be attributed to many factors with primary reasons being a lack of knowledge on tertiary institutions and career options as well as the young people having no real role models or aspirations to work towards. With this in mind the Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life Action and Outreach Unit committee, along with the rector’s wife, Nomsa Mtila, launched an Education Desk and now holds an annual careers day in the church grounds.

This year the careers day took place on 13 June and proved to be quite an event. The congregation was asked to dress up in ensembles representing their various career fields and graduates put on their gowns. For those who attended the service, seeing the graduates walking down the aisle in the procession was a sight to behold and the speech made by the guest speaker Mrs George left quite an impression on those in attendance.

Speaking on their chosen careers and looking after those who attended the day were: Sidima Mtila on Tourism Management for which he is enrolled at the George Campus of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University; Up from Cape Town were Zintle Mntambo and Khanyo Dimaza who wooed and excited future accountants and economists, and Nande Boss who is enrolled for Electrical Engineering who took care of the future engineers and scientists with generous information and buzzing excitement; Zizukise Njumba and Yolanda Skweyiya, who are at Durban and Bloemfontein respectively, took care of those interested in a degree in Medicine or Commerce with specialisation in Human Resource Management; Zoliswa Mtila and Lufefe Boss saw to those with aspirations of conquering Johannesburg with Zoliswa at UJ excitedly explaining her course on Public Management and Governance and Lufefe at Wits seeing to budding diplomats and attorneys.

From the success of the careers day the church proved to be an advocate for the development of our youth. It is time for us to answer a call on behalf of future generations. We must come together and write a new chapter in the South African story. Our democracy must not only be the envy of the world but the engine of our own renewal. There is nothing wrong with South Africa that cannot be fixed with what is right in it.

Pics: Top - Some of the recipients of food at Church of the Ascension enjoying their meal.
Bottom - Learners discuss choices at Career Day.

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The Diocese is turning 40

Forty years ago the Diocese of Grahamstown multiplied and our diocese was born.

We will be celebrating this event in various ways during November. Begin by diarising the great Combined Celebration Service which will be held at the NMMU Indoor Sports Centre on Sunday 28 November from 15h00 to 18h00.

iindaba will bring out a special bumper edition in December in which we will feature photos of all the clergy of the diocese (together with their spouses, if married) which, hopefully, each parish will make sure we receive in time ... don’t let your clergy down by not sending the photos in! With the photo we want a short profile of not more than 100 words. See to this right away and send them to: iindaba@anglicandiocesepe.org.za

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New equipment blessed

At a media committee meeting held during July, the new iindaba equipment was blessed for use in furthering the ministry of communication within the diocese and ‘to the ends of the earth’ as our news is spread via the web site. Named Theophilus V the advantages of the new Asus Notebook and software were demonstrated to committee members by the editor.

Pic: Watching the editor, Frankie Simpson, demonstrating the new iindaba Notebook are chairman of the Media Committee, Neville Lobb, with scribe Christopher Holmes and the Diocesan Secretary Treasurer, Ruth Brandt, looking on.

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Candle in memory of AIDS victims

Lighting a candle in memory
of those who have died of AIDS
is a lay minister from
St Simon of Cyrene,
in Uitenhage.


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