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Vol 21 No 5


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Top TEEC student
 •  Cheque for Haven
 •  Honorary Canon
 •  Renowned theologian visits
 •  Call to prayer

Top TEEC student
[ Charles Hambury ]

At the TEE College (Theological Education by Extension) annual graduation ceremony Angela Hambury from St Simon of Cyrene was named the top student in the country. She received a Diploma in Theology and Ministry, with Distinction and a Merit Award.

The ceremony was held on Saturday 17 April in the Salvation Army Hall in Braamfontein and it was a joyful, yet dignified occasion. The hall was packed to capacity with family, friends and wellwishers to support the graduates. The Salvation Army Band was in attendance and they set the tone for the ceremony.

Proceedings were opened by Bishop Peter Lee of the Diocese of Christ the King, who is the Chairperson of the Council. In his address he mentioned that TEE College has 3,252 students registered for this year.

Craig Dunsmuir, formerly the rector of St Mark and St John in our diocese, welcomed everyone and he mentioned that St Alban’s Prison outside Port Elizabeth has the most prisoners studying through TEEC. He was pleased to see the graduates of Port Elizabeth and made a point to speak to each one after the graduation.

The Diocese of Port Elizabeth had five graduates: Eileen Bambrough (Certificate in Theology); Mark Barth, Florika Brooks and Angela Hambury all attaining Diploma in Theology and Ministry; Antoinette Human (Bachelor of Theology) and Vincent Mdidimba (Bachelor of Theology).

The College asked Angela to give her testimony. Many people were touched by it and the College will be printing it in
their News Letter to encourage others. It is also on the diocesan news web page.

The Guest Speaker was Professor Maake Jonathan Masango a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church. He spoke on John 8 – the story of the woman who committed adultery - and received a standing ovation at the end.

Amongst other things, he said that those who study through TEE College do so because it is a ‘calling’ and not a ‘profession’. They know that they have to work hard and be dedicated. He said TEEC is special because its purpose is to equip those ‘called’, to do God’s work in a mighty way - who have a clear purpose and therefore they work hard.

Pic: At the TEEC graduation ceremony were top student, Angela Hambury (St Simon of Cyrene), Craig Dunsmuir (TEEC Administrator) and Vincent Mdidimba (St Augustine’s).

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Cheque for Haven

Visiting our diocese during April, from St Anne’s in Bermuda, were David and Joan Matthews. At the time the House of Resurrection Haven opened David was rector of the Zwartkops River Valley Parish and Joan became very involved with the Haven - even working there as housekeeper for a while. They began taking Yibi out for weekend stays at their home and eventually when David became Missions to Seamen chaplain in Richard’s Bay they officially adopted him. The family moved to England where he spent happy years before his death.

Pic: David Matthews handing over a cheque from sales of the book by Yibi to Matron Agnes Bouwer at the Haven, with Joan Matthews and two of the children watching it all happen.

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Honorary Canon

Doreen Collett, the first woman to be ordained a priest in our diocese, was made an Honorary Canon by Bishop Bethlehem on Sunday 2 May at St Hugh’s where she ministers.

In the citation read out by Bishop Bethlehem Doreen was honoured for her dedication to the diocese and her pastoral work at St Hugh’s and Maranatha.

Soon after the Province had voted for the ordination of women to the priesthood Doreen, who had been a deacon for a number years, was priested by the late Bishop Bruce Evans.

Pic: Doreen with Christopher Holmes and Bishop Bethlehem  

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Renowned theologian visits
[ Claire Phelps ]

On Thursday 18 March The Bible Institute hosted the renowned international Theologian and Scholar, Prof I Howard Marshall for teaching and a service, both of which were held in the church at St Saviour’s.

Both the church service and teaching were well attended by clergy as well as parishioners and students from the Bible Institute. The teaching was on the topic of the Apostle Paul’s Theology of Mission in the book of Romans.

Howard Marshall is Emeritus Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Honorary Research Professor at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), specifically in the department of Divinity and Religious Studies. He is also the Chair of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research and more. What a privilege to meet him and hear him speak.

Pic: Claire Phelps of St Saviour’s with renowned international Theologian and Scholar, Prof I Howard Marshall

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Call to prayer

The Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgobo, has asked everyone to begin praying for Provincial Synod, being held from 29 September to 2 October, at the Kopanong Centre in Benoni.

He wrote, “This year, I should like to invite you all to continue to pray the Collect for Pentecost, where we ask God to ‘inspire our hearts and set them on fire with the Spirit’s joy and power, and send us out as witnesses to the wonder of your love’ through to the holding of Provincial Synod. Pray for all of us who will meet there – especially those who have been elected to represent your own Dioceses. Pray that as we come together and take counsel in the presence of the Lord, desiring to discern his will for us and to translate it into the processes and procedures of our Church’s life, that our hearts will be set on fire with love for God and his world. Pray that we will indeed be inspired with God’s vision for our Province – the ‘Vision 2020’ process on which we have been working.

Our representatives are:
Clergy - Ruth Brandt, Mike McCoy, Gill Bowman, Mark Derry;
Laity - Roger Schärges, Charles Qoto, Jenny Watson and Myron Leonard.  

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