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Vol 21 No 4


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Easter around PE
 •  Permission to commence a courtship
 •  Honorary Canon

Easter around PE

Easter was celebrated in many different ways in our diocese.

On Maundy Thursday the rector of Holy Trinity in Central, David Stansbury, began the evening service in the hall with a ‘Passover’ teaching using bread and wine for the Old Testament segment - after which he completed the New Testament teaching during the Eucharist service in the church.

Good Friday Three Hour Service - St Paul’s in Parsons Hill took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and the rector, Ruthell Johnson, together with his assistant, Roy Snyman tssf, led the congregation in contemplation before the Stations of the Cross which were placed in various parts of the garden. It was a very moving experience for those who attended.

At 06h00 on Easter morning a group of Anglicans were among the ecumenical gathering on the Donkin for the Salvation Army annual Sunrise Service. Some of the young members of the Salvation Army danced their joy to a fast beat Christian song, and a thought-provoking message was given by Lt Colonel P Koopman. The service was followed with coffee and hot cross buns in their hall after which some went on to attend the Easter Eucharist Service at Holy Trinity in Central. 

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Permission to commence a courtship
[ Tommy Horne ]

African traditions are beautiful and show great respect for parents and the elders of the family.

So it was that when Darlington Ebajut a Ugandan IT consultant and service provider from Johannesburg, met his brother’s schoolmate, Loyce Aisu-Acham and felt their relationship should develop further, he first had to obtain her family’s permission.

Loyce, a Lay Minister at Holy Trinity, Central, had left her parent’s home in Uganda eight years ago, but felt that Darlington had to honour their traditions by seeking her parent’s permission in a ceremony which required a close scrutiny by her father, an ordained Anglican priest and her blood family members, of the suitor’s intentions and sincerity – but they were all very far away.

Fortunately Loyce had two adoptive “parents” at Holy Trinity: “Papa” Tommy Horne and “Mama” Sheila Amery, and once Loyce had obtained permission from her own parents in Uganda, the Holy Trinity family took over.

Darlington travelled to PE last year and waited outside the flat of Mama Sheila, while Papa Tommy explained to the gathered extended family, priest and friends, how they were to interview him before deciding whether they would grant him permission to commence a Permission to commence a courtship courtship with Loyce.

Formal introductions preceded the earnest questioning of Darlington’s intentions, his ability to support her and his sincere intentions to marry one day.

When the “family” agreed his intentions were honourable, Xhanti Mhlontlo announced the verdict to the joyful sound of Xhosa songs, Avril Nolte welcomed Darlington into the HTC family and assistant priest Brian Axcell prayed a blessing over them.

Naturally a sumptuous party followed. The next day, Papa Tommy announced the decision to the congregation and the rector David Stansbury called the happy couple forward for a blessing, in order that the congregation would know who this stranger was who would often be seen in the company of a beaming and happy Loyce.

Loyce said afterwards:” I felt so loved and cared for when my Holy Trinity family took on my blood family’s role of screening my suitor. I knew they didn’t want me to be hurt by anyone” Progress has been as expected and Loyce and Darlington are now planning their wedding to be held in December at St Peter’s Cathedral Soroti Diocese in Uganda.

Pic: African traditions are beautiful and show great respect for parents and the elders of the family.

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Honorary Canon

Dr George Malek of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute, based in Stellenbosch, was made an Honorary Canon of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth on Wednesday, 24 March at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin. Dr Malek, who has a Ph D in Clinical Psychology and Theology, will be conducting retreats, clergy forums and pastoral care of clergy within the Diocese each year.

He was born into the Orthodox faith of North Africa, he is a clinician and theologian, has directed mission programmes in South Africa, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. 

Pic: Dr George Malek with Bishop Bethlehem and the BEO, Mark Derry.

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