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Vol 21 No 3


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Reintegration Centre
 •  A passion for praise
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Reintegration Centre
[ Jogra Gallant ]

Recently, a group of enthusiastic Spiritual Workers who minister to inmates at the Correctional Centres in the Metropole came together and decided to establish a Reintegration Centre (Halfway house) for those inmates released from prison.

After much prayer we have come to the realization that our vision for “safe houses” - to prepare inmates to be released back into their respective communities and to prepare communities to accept these members back into society -has become a vital issue to ensure the total rehabilitation of these Christians. To accomplish this, the Centre, known as Lotsha New Life Centre, which is registered as a Charitable Organization, has been established in Uitenhage.

Spiritual workers find that they are able to make a difference in the lives of the inmates whilst in prison with many repenting of their sins and giving their lives to Jesus, but are able to do little to help them once they are released. The
result being that 60 — 70% of inmates are serving second and third term sentences.

The aim of the Centre is to offer assistance, training and accommodation in order to break this chain and also to play a part in reducing crime in our communities. Some of the participants in the Centre from our Diocese are self-supporting priest Jogra Gallant, who is assisting at St. Katharine’s in Uitenhage, Neville Cumming who is a lay minister at St Francis in Jeffreys Bay, Judy Arendse at St Luke’s in Palmridge and Jenny Derrocks at St Mark and St John in Parkside.

The Centre has become a reality, but unfortunately it needs to be furnished and we thus appeal for any donations towards
the furnishing of the house. For any further information contact: Jogra at 041 481 7654 or 071 363 9837.

Pic: Self supporting priest, Jogra Gallant, who is involved in prison ministry.

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A passion for praise

About 50 people from a cross-section of the parishes in Port Elizabeth gathered at Holy Trinity, Central on Saturday afternoon 6 March for the New Wine workshop on praise. Entitled “Passion for Worship”, Roger Hewitt and his backing group introduced the participants to spiritual songs composed by a variety of different worship leaders from various parts of the world. Composers such as Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes and the Busi Gwentshu writes about the
diocesan archives and Alice’s CD Casting Crowns group - some were ‘noisy and vibrant’ and some quieter, but all with wonderful words of worship.

Part of the afternoon was spent watching a portion of (to whet our appetites) an awesome DVD entitled “How Great is our God” by Louis Giglio. He left everyone feeling very small as he pointed out how small the earth is compared with various stars etc in the universe ... and that the Creator of all the universe, our God, cares for us humans and all of his creation ... and our response can only be to worship him completely.

Roger spoke on the use of spiritual dance as part of our worship as well as the use of flags. At Holy Trinity they have flags in all the colours of the rainbow, each having a spiritual meaning which Beryl Hewitt explained to us: red the blood of Jesus; orange - the Holy Spirit; yellow for celebration; green for the whole of creation; sky blue - God’s banner over
us; indigo is the colour the Jews used for royalty and purple for majesty - making the rainbow to remind us of God’s covenant with Noah.

Roger also said that members of the worship groups at Holy Trinity, as well as other members of the diocese, are willing to share their God-given musical talents with anyone who would like to learn to play the various instruments. Roger can be contacted on tel: 041 364 2195 cell: 082 065 9845 or e-mail: roger@holytrinitychurch.co.za  

Pic: Discussing different aspects of his talk with Roger Hewitt (left) were Peter Puntis and Ian Hart from St Cuthbert’s, Ricky du Plessis from Christ the King and Sheila Marshall from St Margaret’s.

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Use our archives!
[ Busi Gwentshu writes about the diocesan archives and Alice’s CD ]

Over the past few years a group of people, under the leadership of the diocesan archivist Warren Morris, has been industriously going through volumes of parish registers and council minutes.

This information has been put onto discs to be kept safely for diocesan records, and to help history and genealogy researchers (for a small fee). Not too many people seem to know of this service by the diocese.

The team are at the diocesan office on Tuesday mornings from 09h00 to 13h00. Contact: 041 365 1387 or archives@pediocese.org.za

Early Settlers in SA

Alice has had the big job of capturing all the births, marriages and deaths from the parish registers and saving them in a formula easy to follow when queries come in.. She had met Warren about eight years ago when he was chairman of the EC Board of the Genealogical Society and he asked her to join the team.

She says, “In genealogy, once the bug bites it becomes a need to know so I said yes!” When asked if there were any highs and lows in her quest for knowledge she answered, “The lowest note was when I had done a lot of research and my computer crashed ... and I hadn’t done any backup. After a four year break I started again. In 2008 I decided to add to the 1817 to 1874 settlers information and expand the database to the French Huguenots of 1688 and 1726.“

All this information is on a CD entitled ‘The Early Settlers in South Africa’ and has the names of over 18 000 settlers, the ships they came out on and relative documents. A must for those amateurs who are beginning to get into looking at their roots.

The CD costs R100 and is available from the diocesan office on: 041 365 1393 or contact Alice on: 041 373 6876. 

Pic: Warren Morris, our archivist, and Busi Gwentshu from the diocesan office have a look at the CD Alice Mitchell compiled with the names of about 18 000 early South African settlers.

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