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Vol 20 No 3


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Santareme search for site
 •  What a celebration of love
 •  We're not very ‘friendly'!
 •  Easter 2009
 •  Fast and pray for the elections

Santareme search for site
[ Peter Barrett ]

The Parish of the Good Shepherd has made a number of applications to the Kouga Municipality over the past four years for a church site in St Francis Bay so that the Santareme Chapel, presently meeting in a home, can move.

Attendance at the chapel currently averages 65 per week, with the number of worshippers having reached in excess of 80 on some occasions. If one considers the potential growth of St Francis Bay even in the short term, it becomes very evident that the small chapel  will not remain suitable for much longer and a new venue is becoming an urgent necessity.

Unfortunately, the Kouga Municipality has shown masterful procrastination and indecision because telephone calls are not returned and letters are not even acknowledged in writing, although we have been able (after numerous telephone calls) to obtain a verbal confirmation of receipt of our latest application.

God has truly blessed the parish with the donation by one of the parishioners of a beautiful plot in St Francis Bay. The municipal building line applicable to churches is too great for a church to be built on the site but when eventually sold, the proceeds will certainly go  some way toward meeting building costs.

The Parish asks members of the diocese to uphold in prayer, on a regular basis, their efforts to obtain a suitable site for a new church .

Pic 1: The room above the double garage where worship services are held.

Pic 2: The small Sanctuary in the chapel with ‘vestry’ behind the screen.

Pic 3: Photographed on the steps of Santareme Chapel are Peter Barrett and Gwynn Penwell-Smith (sacristan).

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What a celebration of love

St Valentine’s Day was celebrated in style at St Paul’s in Parsons Hill on Sunday 15 February with the church decked in ‘wedding splendour’.

The rector, Ruthell Johnson said of the service, “It is a celebration of Christ’s love for his church and our love for one another.”

The music included such beautiful love hymns as ‘Love Divine’ and ‘O Perfect Love’ as well as a specially worded version of ‘To God be the Glory’.

All the married couples surged into the sanctuary when the invitation was given for them to renew their marriage vows, which was followed by Mary-Ann van Eysen and Arnold Brandt singing a duo for them … and they also enjoyed the invitation of “You may kiss  the bride” at the end.

During tea afterwards the parishioners watched a PowerPoint presentation made up from all the wedding photos handed in by the couples. There were smiles at the great changes in wedding attire, with some photos being from the 1940’s. Even cup-cakes, decorated  with hearts, were served with the tea.

St Paul’s 5s to be congratulated for going the extra mile to make the day so very special for all the couples in their congregation.

Pic: Having renewed their marriage vows the couples at St Paul’s enjoyed being told, “You may now kiss the bride.”

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We're not very ‘friendly'!

Much has been written in the local press about buildings being accessible to disabled people, whether on crutches or in a wheelchair.

Nontsikelelo Memese, a self supporting priest in the parish of St Matthew’s, KwaMagxaki, has found that few of the diocesan churches she has visited have been easily accessible to her on her crutches.

Perhaps parish councils need to look at their church buildings and make this a year of being able to truly say, “All are welcome, because all can enter through our doorway, unaided.”

Pic: Nontsikelelo Memese is with Zandsile Nongausa at the welcome for Ruth Brandt at St Francis Xavier, a ‘friendly’ building.

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Easter 2009

The iindaba editor, committee members, the Bishop, diocesan staff, and their spouses, wish our readers a very blessèd Easter.

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Fast and pray for the elections

For peaceful, free, fair and just elections;
Pray that we will be a nation built on truth;
Pray for future leaders to be appointed because they are
men and women of Godly character;
Pray that God will deliver our nation from evil.

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