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Vol 20 No 10


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Youth celebrate Heritage
 •  Developing Spiritual Leadership
 •  Traditional gifts for 40th birthday
 •  Prayer for Jerusalem

Youth celebrate Heritage

On Saturday 19 September over 200 young people from ten of the parishes in our diocese who are part of the Siyafundisa programme filled the hall at Holy Spirit Church in KwaZakhele to celebrate Heritage Day.

The young people who attended the day were from PE and Uitenhage as well as far afield as Addo and Alexandria and had all come with items of song, dance, poetry or a play containing a message for everyone present. All were well prepared and were received very enthusiastically by the audience, led on by the wonderful Master of Ceremonies, Mxolisi Makhapela.

The Field Worker, Babalwa Kani, told iindaba, “Siyafundisa is part of the Anglican Aids and Healthcare Trust which uses peer education as a means of preventing the spread of HIV. We preach abstinence and secondary abstinence. We are involved in 18 parishes in the Diocese of PE and would like to use this event as a way to give the message ‘knowing yourself and where you come from’.”

That message came through very clearly from the dynamic guest speaker, Nomalungelo Ntlokwana, a student counsellor from Nelson Mandela Metropole University. She said it was important for people to know themselves, their strengths and Youth celebrate Heritage weaknesses, who they are, and what defines them. She spoke about the feedback one receives from those around one and the need to choose the positive feedback, remembering that “God created you for his enjoyment. He embraced the fact that we are all different ... he gave each of us different gifts with which to glorify him … ask yourself, am I doing this to please others … or to please God?” She spoke about the messages, verbal and nonverbal one sends out, the need for compassion, for respecting oneself, for sharing with others, supporting oneanother and for showing God’s love by loving others. Nomalungelo was given rousing applause by the audience.

Pics: 1) Field-workers, Zoliswa Libala and Babalwa Kani, are seen with Mxolisi Makhapela (MC). 2) A group of young people from St Timothy’s in Motherwell took to the stage at the Heritage Day Celebration.

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Developing Spiritual Leadership

Speaking at the Growing the Church lay leaders evening Duncan McLea, the rector of Christ Church, Kenilwoth, said, “I long to see that the people of the churches are people of the Word … who read the Bible.” He quoted a bishop’s wife as having told a group of clergy, “If you are not reading your Bible and praying every day you are wasting air!”

Duncan was speaking at St Luke’s in Palmridge on Tuesday evening 15 September – sadly, to a very small group of lay leaders. His subject was ‘Developing Spiritual Leadership’ and he looked at the fact that two themes run through every page of the Bible: Covenant/Kingdom and relationship/responsibility. He used Old Testament leaders such as Abraham and Joseph as examples of those called by God into (covenant) leadership positions and how God trained them and tested them before they were ready to fulfil their calling. They needed to be obedient because covenant is obedience – God said to Abraham ‘All my kingly authority I give to you … you will be the source of blessing …’ he then tested Abraham with the offering of Isaac. Before Joseph could rule over his brothers (and Egypt) he went through about 30 Developing Spiritual Leadership years of testing, a large part of which was in jail.

Duncan said that Spiritual leaders have to learn submission to God’s ways and then to all who obey him he gives his power, and went on to encourage everyone to covenant, to read their Bible every morning saying, “God will speak to you pertinently, powerfully and potently for the day.”

Pic: Loyce Aisu-Acham took the opportunity after the talk by Duncan McLea to ask him some questions.

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Traditional gifts for 40th birthday

Umfundisi David Stansbury ubhiyozele iminyaka engamashumi amane – 40 yrs

Usuku lwe 16 August ibilusuku olukhethekileyo kwibandla laMatshetshi eHoly Trinity, Central ingakumbi kuMfundisi uDavid Stansbury obezalwa ngolusuku kwiminyaka engamashumi amane (40 yrs) eyadlulayo. Ibandla nezihlobo zikamfundisi baqinisekisile okokuba olusuku lusuku olukhethekileyo nolulungele ukubhiyozelwa ngendlela ephuhlisa inkcubeko yamarhamente ase-Holy Trinity ngokubanzi.

Umfundisi uyewanikwa izipho ezintathu, Inkabi yeGusha, Ingubo kwakunye nenduku okanye isageba. Ezizipho ziyathetha kumsebenzi kamfundisi kuleminyaka ilishumi engumalusi weHoly Trinity. Waqala ngomhla ka 01/08/1999.

Igusha ibonakalisa ibandla njengomhlambi kaMfundisi Stansbury.

Induku/Isagweba sisixhobo esisetyenziswa ngumalusi ukukhusela nokukhokela umhlambi.

Ingubo elungele ukugcina umalusi efudumele ngamaxesha onke.

Ulutsha luye lonwabisa abantu ngemixhentso, inyama ibidlala abantwana kosojiwa kuyilonto. HALA ... LA ... LA Father Dave!!

Pic: Xhanti Mhlontlo, Nomangesi Tshungu, Musa Manjati and Miranda Kopele present their rector, David Stansbury, with a sheep, blanket and cap for his 40th birthday. 

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Prayer for Jerusalem

The only city the Word of God calls us to pray for!

The Holy City needs our on-going prayer ...

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

“May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your
walls and security within your citadels.”
... “Peace be within you.”

Ps 122:6-8 

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