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Vol 20 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Banners proclaim stand
 •  Africa looks to their ‘big brother'
 •  Authority of Scripture
 •  Almighty God

Banners proclaim stand

The banners said it all‘Violence is everyone’s problem’, ‘Speak out – stop abuse’, ‘Created equally – don’t look away’ on Women’s Day.

Almost 200 women processed from Newspaper House to the Cathedral on Women’s Day carrying placards saying ‘Violence is everyone’s problem’, ‘Speak out – stop abuse’, ‘Created equally – don’t look away’ … spelling out their call for women’s issues to be taken note of and acted upon. Members of Bernard Mizeki Guild were also present to lend their support.

Candles were lit by a young person, a female, a male, a member of the clergy and the Provost, standing in for Bishop Bethlehem who had been delayed at a prior meeting, in remembrance of all the women who have been raped or have suffered violence.

Berenice Malgas, director of the PE Rape Crisis Centre, was the speaker and highlighted the trauma that victims of domestic violence and rape go through. She emphasized that this has nothing to do with the race, colour or age of the victims. She called on members of churches to play a bigger role by becoming actively involved in the community to help stem these atrocities.

During question time she said that rape victims must report to the police and make a statement, and continued by saying how very important it is that they do not wash themselves until a sample of the semen is taken for DNA testing … they  also need to make sure they take anti-viral drugs within 72 hours.

Asked about needs at The Rape Crisis Centre she said panties, hair brushes, toothbrushes, toiletries and toilet paper are among the many things that will help make the victims visit more relaxing.

Pic: Candles were lit in memory of all women who have been abused or raped.

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Africa looks to their ‘big brother'

The launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (South Africa) took place at St John’s, Walmer, on Thursday night 3 September.

The church was full and the keynote address was given by Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, just retired Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya. He said, “Anglicans need to work together to receive the Word of God and to preach it as it was given to us.” On the lack of response from ACSA he said the voice of ‘our big brother SA’ is very important to the church in Africa and they would have been very happy to have been guided by ACSA.

Abp Nzimbi, together with Bishop Bethlehem, the FCA Patron, then commissioned the three leaders of FCASA, Gavin Mitchell and Alan Smith, both priests from Cape Town and Nigel Jeukes from Natal.

‘Be Faithful’ gathering
Earlier 70 Anglican clergy and laity from ACSA, Church of England in SA and Anglican Catholics gathered in the hall to listen to various invited speakers. These included Abp Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, Canon Dr Vinay Samuel from India and Oxford, George Malek of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute, the Revd Gavin Mitchell General Secretary of Anglican  Mainstream SA, and the Revd Dr Chris Sugden of the Church of England. They sent out a clear message that “the Scriptures exhort us to remain faithful to the faith ‘once for all delivered to the saints’, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and hence, to Apostolic teaching and practice.”

In his keynote address Canon Samuel reminded everyone that we are called to the prophetic stance of the obedient disciple, rather than the stance of political people who have become messianic with the new universal of human rights  which is now being imposed, claiming that these rights are self-evident - and if the Bible teaches anything different it is to be rejected.

Canon Chris Sugden spoke on the need for GAFCON and also on the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans saying, “Why Confessing Anglicans? Public confession of the apostolic faith is needed to identify where orthodox Anglicans stand in
relation to the current challenges. It is not saying that we are the only faithful Anglicans. It is reaffirming Anglican identity and rooting it in the apostolic faith, belonging to a Christian church which is centred on the gospel and bounded by Scripture. The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans invites others who share this confession to stand clearly and firmly with us and to be willing to pay the price.”

Archdeacon Sharon Nell was a member of a discussion panel in the afternoon session of the FCA conference. She said she had attended the launch to find out what FCA was all about “and what I have heard is the confirmation of the authority of scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I am here because the Lord has called me to preach his Word,” and she quoted Is 61:1ff.

Pic 1: At St John’s for the FCA launch were Abp Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, Dr Vinay Samuel from India and Oxford, George Malek of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute, the Revd Gavin Mitchell General Secretary of Anglican Mainstream SA, and the Revd Dr Chris Sugden of the Church of England.

Pic 2: Being commissioned by Abp Benjamin Nzimbi and Bp Bethlehem (FCASA Patron) to lead FCA in SA are three priests - Gavin Mitchell, Alan Smith and Nigel Jeukes.

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Authority of Scripture

The Anglican Church bases its doctrine and practice on the scriptures ... see the 39 Articles:

“Holy Scripture contains all things necessary for salvation”. This means that there is enough information in the scriptures to tell us the truth about the Christian faith and how to be saved.

We do not need any teaching from anywhere else to tell us what is true about these things. All our theology must be based on the scriptures. This is one reason why Anglicans think the scriptures are so important, and why we make sure that the
sermon is about passages and ideas from the Bible.

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Almighty God

Almighty God,
Guard and defend the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, and come to the assistance of the church against which the powers of hell are unchained. Watch over us during life, defend us against the assaults of the enemy, assist us especially at the hour of death. May we be judged worthy through Jesus Christ and may we have the happiness of beholding God face to face for
endless ages. Amen.

Written in the 1880’s by Pope Leo Xlll and prayed in all Roman Catholic churches pre-Vatican 11.

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