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Vol 16 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 • Sukkot
 • 'Moments of insight'
 • Secretaries - you are beautiful
 • Christ Church dedicated

Feast of Tabernacles  18 - 24 October

"You shall keep the festival of ingathering at the end of the year, when you gather in from the field the fruit of your labour." Ex 23:16.

"You shall keep the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days after you have gathered the produce from your threshing floor and your winepress." Deut 16:13

'Moments of insight'
Eddie Daniels, rector of St Saviour’s, called them ‘moments of insight’ when he spoke of four very auspicious birthdays as well as the parish’s patronal festival on Sunday 14 August.

The birthdays were all being celebrated on Monday 15 August, and the most special was that of Mignon Vos who turned 100. She had been asked to attend the 09h30 service on the Sunday morning, and as she entered the church “Happy Birthday” was sung to her and she was cheered. When she walked down the aisle (walked? No, she almost waltzed!) she was greeted by friends on all sides.

After the service tea and cakes were enjoyed in the hall, as well as the special 100 cake which Mignon cut.

The other three significant birthdays which were also 'moments of insight' were that of Adam Bage, one of the church-wardens, who turned 70; Robin Knott-Craig celebrated his 21st birthday; and Francesca Rizzo became a teenager (13).

Iindaba congratulates all four special people.

Pics: 1) The ‘Famous Five’  from Fairhaven - (Back)  Roy Oates, Alice du Plessis, Dot Stevens. (Front)  Mignon Vos  and  Audrey Curtis. All were founding members of St Saviour's; 2) 100 reasons to live - With joy in her heart Mignon Vos cuts into 100 years!    

Secretaries - you are beautiful

Clergy and their secretaries met for lunch on Tuesday 6 September, when Bishop Bethlehem told the secretaries that the words "You are beautiful" sum up what they are.

For the ninth year Faith Geere, parish secretary at St Hugh's, arranged this time of fellowship for the diocesan clergy to show their appreciation of the work their secretaries do within the parish. This year St Hugh's was the venue, and a Chinese lunch had been arranged.

Speaking on behalf of all the clergy, Bishop Bethlehem said, "You keep us afloat with all our administration. We appreciate your worth more than we can measure with a measuring rod. We appreciate that you remind us to do the things when we forget, and often do things for us when we don't remember to do them. 'You are beautiful' sums up what you are."

Pics: (Top) This is how it's done - Two of the clergy, Eric Kleb and Fumanekile Kula having fun as they master the art of eating with chopsticks. (Left) A gift of beauty - A bouquet for Faith Geere from Bishop Bethlehem. (Right) The thorn between two roses - Robert Penrith flanked by his two secretaries, Heather Tiltman and Julia Bradder, all looking very at home with their chopsticks.

Christ Church dedicated
On Sunday morning 10 September Bishop Bethlehem dedicated the little chapel of Christ Church in Charlo.

Pics: 1) Dedicated to the Lord - Bishop Bethlehem marks the floor as he dedicates Christ Church in Charlo. He is assisted by Gwen August. 2) Bishop Bethlehem with Lawrie & Isobel Wilmot.

This is a plant of St Nicholas Church in Charlo, and it is fondly referred to as 'the church that meets in the garage'. The double garage is at the home of Trevor and Sherifa Kingsley.

Already the chapel has about thirty regular worshippers on a Sunday morning and is growing rapidly. A wendy-house has been bought to house everything that had been stored behind cutains in the 'garage', and the extra space will mean another twenty chairs can fit into the chapel. More expansions are on the cards. Music is by courtesy of CDs.

Lawrie Wilmot has been given oversight of this congregation. From 1 October he joined the ranks of stipendiary clergy in the diocese, as assistant to Andrew Watt at St Nicholas. Isobel is involved in the little Sunday school which has been started.

During a time of testimonies Lawrie was thanked for all his hard work and dedication in visiting the people of the area, and in providing transport for the young folk to get to youth club on Friday nights and to youth services on Sunday nights.

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