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Vol 15 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 • A Word for us
 • Welsh Bishop’s secretary visits
 • Visit us at www.anglicandiocesepe.org.za
 • Parish secretaries treated to lunch

A Word for us
Given to us by Michael Cassidy:
I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints. Jude 3

Welsh Bishop’s secretary visits
Visiting our diocesan office on Secretaries' Day, 1 September, was Hazel Paling, secretary to the Bishop of Wales, whose former ‘boss’, Rowan Williams, is now the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Hazel and her husband, John, were staying with her cousin, Anne Thomson, and was keen to meet our Bishop’s secretary, Jenny Cowling, so Iindaba and the rest of the diocesan staff joined the tea party to learn how the Church in Wales differs from that in the CPSA.

As with all good secretaries, no secrets were given away, but Hazel did say, “I have been privileged to work for three bishops in 14 years. Bishop Clifford, Archbishop Rowan who was then Archbishop of Wales, and now Bishop Dominic for just over a year. Archbishop Rowan was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury last year and we were all sorry to lose him from the Church in Wales. I am so grateful to Bishop Dominic for granting me extra leave enabling John and me to travel around this lovely country before returning to the UK on 1 October.”

Asked about her visit, she told Iindaba, “Our trip to South Africa was due to my desire to meet my third cousin on my father’s side, Doreen Twiss, whom my father had traced after many years of completing our family tree. Since my father’s death, it has always been a great wish to meet Doreen. It has been an extra delight to find that my family here has many connections with St Saviour’s Church and when Anne Thomson, Doreen’s daughter, was in England last year, and realised I worked for the Bishop of Monmouth (Church in Wales), she organised a visit to our office.”

Before leaving for a visit to the Diocese of the Highveld, which is linked with the Diocese of Monmouth, Hazel said, “It was such a pleasure to meet the diocesan office staff with my husband on 1 September, especially Jenny Cowling, the Bishop’s Secretary. I’ll be taking back many happy memories, with our visit to see my family in Port Elizabeth being a very special memory. May God bless all of you.”

Hazel is not only secretary to Bishop Dominic but also superintendent of the Sunday School at her parish church, All Saints’, Llanfrechfa, a suburb of Cwmbran.

Picture: Sharing experiences - Bishop Bethlehem’s secretary, Jenny Cowling, shares a moment with Hazel Paling who is secretary to Bishop Dominic of the Diocese of Monmouth in Wales.


Visit us at www.anglicandiocesepe.org.za

Picture: That one needs to be changed - David MacGregor updates our web page with Shaun Gouws lending a helping hand.

The Diocese of Port Elizabeth web page, www.anglicandiocesepe.org.za, is up and running - at last! ... and Iindaba has a new e-mail address, iindaba@anglicandiocesepe.org.za.

Shaun Gouws of PE Church Net and retired priest, David MacGregor, have been working on the page and updating all the information that was on the original page. The August and September issues of Iindaba are up, with colour photos and all!

Still to go up is a page giving short parish profiles with all the relevant contact numbers, street addresses and times of services. David will be handling those and the sooner parishes respond to the questionnaire being sent out the sooner their details will be up. Visitors to the city can then log on to our page and see which is the nearest church to where they are staying, and know the times of services.

Readers visiting the page are asked to let David know if they find any mistakes in details and give any suggestions as to what else may be needed. The diocese does want the page to be relevant, informative and interesting.

David can be contacted on:
Tel/fax: 041 581 7788
e-mail: davemac@wol.co.za

Iindaba box number
Readers also need to take note that the editor will be giving up her private post box and with immediate effect correspondence needs to be addressed to her care of the diocesan post box number: PO Box 7109, Newton Park, 6055. She will call at the office once a week to collect post.

Parish secretaries treated to lunch
Once again Faith Geere excelled in arranging the Secretaries' Day lunch for the clergy of the diocese to thank their secretaries for the work they do in their parishes.

Picture: Carnations for secretaries - The editor, Frankie Simpson, and Julia Bradder who is secretary to Robert Penrith of St John's, Walmer, received a beautiful carnation each from Faith Geere who had organised the lunch.

The restaurant at the N2 Nursery was the venue for this year's gathering on 2 September, and what a delicious meal they served. Unfortunately, because of PSC, Bishop Bethlehem and the clergy reps, Robert Penrith, Craig Dunsmuir and Keith Rae, were unable to be present. However, their secretaries did attend. Welile Kani, as the senior priest present, did a wonderful job of welcoming everyone to this special day. Dennis Burkinshaw, the oldest secretary present, was asked to say a few words too.

Always thoughtful, Faith had bought beautiful carnations for each of the women, and the nursery presented each of them with a small gift of chocolates. It was a very special occasion for all who attended.

Picture (left): Some newies and some oldies - Andile Mbutye, rector of St Stephen’s, with his secretary, Bonnie Haya, with Welile Kani, rector of Christ the King, and his secretary, Debbie Koening, and ‘oldies' to the annual celebration, Eddie Daniels and Janet Gordon.

Picture (right): Two newies on the block - Newies to the secretaries' lunch were Mario Hendricks of St Mark and St John and his secretary Anita Jacobs (seared) with Cheryl van der Plaat standing behind (left) who was helping out at All Saints’, Kabega, while their secretary was overseas. With them are the assistant priest at All Saints' , Richard Taylor, and churchwarden Cheryl Nelson (aka Howard Lancaster for the lunch, as Howard was collecting his wife Sheila from hospital.)

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