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Vol 17 No 4


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 •  New Bishop for Namibia
 •  Cathedral marimbas
 •  I am she ... a beloved mother
 •  Mothers spoilt in Humansdorp too

As he was blessing them, he departed from them and was taken up into heaven.
Luke 24:51

New Bishop for Namibia 
Nathaniel Ndaxuma Nakwatumbah was consecrated as the bishop of our link diocese of Namibia at a service in St Mary’s Cathedral on Saturday 25 March.

All the colour of the visiting bishops' copes and mitres added to the splendour of the occasion. Bishops Bethlehem and  Joe Seoka presented the Bishop-elect, Nathaniel, to Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane for consecration. 

After the Oath of Allegiance to the Archbishop had been taken and the Declaration, the Archbishop’s Charge and Questions to Nathaniel had been made, the bishops gathered around him and in a very solemn moment they laid hands on him, to “receive the Holy Spirit for the office and work of a bishop in the Church of God”. After this he was anointed with Chrism, and received his Bible, pectoral cross, episcopal ring, mitre and pastoral staff.

The service was attended by visiting bishops, including Bishop Stephen Lowe of Manchester, UK, who later brought a greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Other visitors included retired Bishop Shihala Hamupembe of Namibia, Bishops Dino Gabriel of Zululand, Joe Seoka of Pretoria, Donald Harker of George, Sitembele Mzamane of St John’s; the area dean of Manchester, Sharon Jones, and the dean-designate of Namibia, Nangula Kathindi.

The sermon was given by Lyn Wyngaard, a visiting priest from the diocese of Johannesburg. She used a 'yes/no' chocolate as a visual aid and spoke on the times God calls us, as he has called Nathaniel, and our choice to answer him with a 'yes' or a 'no'. She said, "God the Holy Spirit, translates our 'yes' and gives us the power to do his calling."

Pic 1: The bishops lay hands on him - "Send down your Holy Spirit upon him for the office and work of a bishop in your Church."

Pic 2: Nathaniel's palms are anointed with Chrism  - Archbishop Njongonkulu  prays, "As the Father anointed his Son with the power of the Spirit, so may Jesus Christ preserve you to sanctify his people and to offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving."

Pic 3: Greetings from Cantuar  - During lunch after the consecration Bishop Stephen Lowe, Bishop of Manchester, brought a greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

Cathedral marimbas

Pic: Making music - Nthabiseng Mosia and Reatile Mosia play the marimbas, while Mamorapi Nkobane awaits her turn.

The diocese has bought the marimbas for use in the cathedral at various diocesan occasions and services. They were put to use with great effect at the consecration service for the Bishop of Namibia.

I am she ... a beloved mother
Mothers were pampered with a song and a booklet, 'I am she', on Mothering Sunday, 26 March, at St Michael and All Angels in Schauderville.

During the service the rector, Shane Fraser called all the mothers to the font, and in this very large congregation that meant a lot of women. They were thrilled when Josh Groban (no, not in person) sang “You raise me up” to them. Shane then prayed for them and he and his wife, Estelle, gave each woman a copy of the beautiful little Bible Society booklet “I am she”, or for those whose home language is Afrikaans, “Ek is sy”. Over tea and eats in the hall afterwards the young people presented the mothers with  corsages of flowers. Even the other women guests were given the gifts.

Presiding at the Eucharist was the dean-designate of cathedral in Namibia, Nangula Kathindi, and the sermon was given by the Provincial President of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship, Lillian Daniels.

Pic 1: Enjoying the spoiling - Some of the large crowd of mothers who came forward to receive their gift and to be serenaded by Josh Groban at St Michael and All Angels on Mothering Sunday.

Pic 2: Welcoming the visitors - The rector of St Michael and All Angels, Shane Fraser, welcomed the retired ('not retreaded') bishop of Namibia, Shihala Hamupembe, and the dean-designate of the Cathedral in Windhoek, Nangula Kathindi, to the service. 

Mothers spoilt in Humansdorp too

Pic: Dinty du Plessis receives a posy of flowers from Fiona Esterhuysen, assistant priest at St Mark’s in Humansdorp, who presided at the special Eucharist on Mothering Sunday, 26 March.

Pam Brown reports that the aged and sick were not forgotten as two parishioners took extra posies to them at home.

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