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Vol 16 No 2


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 • Lord of the future
 • Electrifying news for Educare Centre
 • Refreshing experience
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Easter 2005
"Just as there were many who were appalled at Him - His appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and His form marred beyond any human likeness." Isaiah 52:14

"Why are you looking among the dead for one who is alive? He is not here; He is risen." Luke 24:5-6

Lord of the future
When many people were asking, “Where was God?” after the Tsunami devastated so many places on 26 December 2004, intercessors who use the Bible Society prayer booklet knew that God was very much there.

Iindaba approached Ds Ben Fourie about the miracle of Indonesia having been the chosen country to pray for on 26 December. Ben said, “God is very much a God of the future. Our prayer booklet for the following year is distributed during October and November. This means that the group who compiled it had met and prayed through the programme early in the year, which proves that God knew that those areas of Myanmar, Indonesia, etc. were going to need lots of prayer during that week last year. He laid it upon the hearts of the editorial staff to make that area the focus of our prayers at that time last year. Wonderful, isn’t it?”

In South Africa alone 91,400 copies of the prayer booklet are distributed. Add the number of booklets distributed around the world and you have a lot of people praying. What of all the great astrologers, psychics, etc. who say they are able to predict the future? How many of them, at the start of 2004, predicted the seaquake? Iindaba has not been able to find one!

Picture: A time to pray - Ds Ben Fourie, Regional Secretary based in Port Elizabeth, sitting quietly at his desk using the Bible Society's Prayer Booklet while praying at the end of last year.

Electrifying news for Educare Centre
After a conversation with the Anglican Women’s Fellowship chaplain, Jean Underwood, the Mayor of Somerset East, Clr MC Mjadu, offered to organise the supply of electricity to St Paul’s Educare Centre in Cookhouse.

Wendy Wienand, a member of All Saints’ United Church in Somerset East, has been involved, with other members of the parish, in the upliftment of the St Peter's Educare Centre. When Jean told her of the offer from the Mayor, she quickly contacted one of the AWF members of the Diocesan Educare Committee, Hazel Braun. Hazel then wrote to the Mayor who expressed his interest in knowing more about the work of the Educare Committee saying, “It is our duty and pleasure to help where we can, and the well-being of our little ones is our responsibility as they grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders.”

Hazel phoned Iindaba and said, “I managed to set up a meeting with the mayor when he was visiting Port Elizabeth, and asked Unette Jacobs, the Chairman of the Diocesan Educare Centres committee, to join me. While the meeting was taking place, electricity was already being installed in St Paul’s Educare Centre. That’s action for you! The meeting proved exciting and most promising.”

The Mayor has asked that a committee be formed to help increase ways and means of working closely together to improve conditions in the Somerset East, Pearston and Cookhouse areas, in caring for, and educating the little ones. Hazel said the Educare Committee will be looking at how they can be involved in helping with this.

Picture: Bringer of light - The Mayor of Somerset East, Clr MC Mjadu, and his son, Sandile, with Diocesan Educare Committee members Unette Jacobs and Hazel Braun.

Refreshing experience
The clergy who attended a recent retreat at the Catholic Pastoral Centre were so taken with the leadership of Sister Anna Marie, that the Centre for Christian Spirituality has invited her to conduct a Quiet Day for the diocese.

Date: 2 April
Time: 09h00 - 16h00
Place: Catholic Pastoral Centre
4 How Avenue (St Joseph’s, behind St George’s Hospital).

This is open to anyone who is interested, even if you have never been to a Quiet Day before, but please book in advance.
Betty Ledger at 041 581 1439 or Elizabeth Shier at 041 581 4129 for further information.

When the rector of St Saviour's, Walmer, and his family recently visited parishioners, Dave and Sheelagh Francis, they were welcomed by Legend, a two year old African Rock Python.

Both Eddie and his son, Joshua, bravely handled Legend, although, as Eddie said afterwards, "I was a bit apprehensive, but it was a good experience. Snakes are part of God's creation, and I now have a healthier respect for them."

Picture: Ssssnice to ssssmeet you - With Eddie and Joshua in the photo are his wife, Nicky (right) and Sheelagh Francis. Legend is still small, but could grow to as much as six metres in length.

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