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Vol 19 No 5


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Silver medals for choristers
 •  Girls now welcome in choir
 •  A joy to host Lady Day Service

Silver medals for choristers
Three young men from the Cathedral choir have received Silver medals for long service.

Steven Mace, Luzuko Ngcwangu and John-George van Eck, now join the long list of medal holders going back to 1870.

Steven, who is 18, told iindaba that he joined the choir when he was six years old and has always had a passion for singing. He was head chorister for just over a year 2003/2004 until his voice broke and he joined the men in the 'back' row. He is also a former member of the South African Youth choir.

Luzuko, also 18, joined the choristers in 2002 because he enjoys singing and loves music. He was in the school choir and heard that St Mary's was looking for choristers so came for an 'audition' and was accepted. He became head chorister after Steven and carried through until his voice broke in 2005 then he had to join the men.

John-George (14) is the current head of choristers (from July 2006) and joined the choir at St Mary's when he was seven, following in the footsteps of his elder brother. He has always enjoyed singing and had been invited to join the Drakensberg Boys' Choir but turned the offer down.

All three of the young men enjoy the challenge of some of the wonderful music they sing as well as the fun of being in the choir, because it is not all hard work.

The choir is in need of more young voices. If you are interested call Eric Spencer (see along-side this report).

Picture: Steven Mace, Luzuko Ngcwangu and John-George van Eck have received silver medals for long service in St Mary’s Cathdral Choir.

Girls now welcome in choir
Eric Spencer, the organist and Master of the Choristers at St Mary's Cathedral writes that the gender barrier has toppled and the choir is now open for girls to join.

Girls who would appreciate the joys and benefits of membership of a cathedral choir, are invited to become Choristers at St Mary's Cathedral. The doors have been opened to girls to join what has always been a strictly male preserve as the choir has long been one of the few remaining choirs of men and boys in South Africa. Now the time has come for the "top line" to be open to girls as well as boys.

Candidates, boys and girls, should be between eight and about twelve years old; older if they already have some singing experience. But they need not necessarily have sung in choirs before - we will find and train their voices, but most importantly, they will learn and sing great music and to use well the one musical instrument that God gave all of us free of charge, our singing voice, which sadly can lie buried if not developed and nurtured during childhood.

I would be delighted to provide further information to interested teachers, parents, guardians and singers who may telephone or e-mail me at any time. Singing reaches the parts (body, heart, mind and spirit) which few other things can - why not give it a try?

Tel: 041 581 3141 or 084 505 5931.
e-mail: ericspencer@mweb.co.za

A joy to host Lady Day Service
[ Pam Shapiro ]

Pictures: Members of the MUCFL branches lift their banners high as they process along West Street in Newton Park on Lady Day and (bottom) they joyfully enter St Hugh's to fill all the pews ... and more.

It was a joy for the St Hugh's MU Christian Family Life to host the Lady Day Service on Sunday afternoon 30 March. Members came from all the archdeaconries and before the service began they processed with their branch banners along West Street and Cape Road.

The service is always a special occasion and one is always moved by the glorious singing - especially the Magnificat - and being together to praise the Lord, offer prayers of thanksgiving and pray. Our MUCFL chaplain, David Grobbelaar, preached on John 4 - the Samaritan woman, and had brought a beautiful carving of a woman holding her jar of water as a visual aid. He encouraged us to drink deeply of the living water of Christ and be filled with his abundant love.

Anna Skosana, the presiding member from Humansdorp archdeaconry convened this occasion which is celebrated annually around the world. A joy to host Lady Day Service Mothers' Union is a world wide organisation specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

Tembeka Topu presented a Long Service certificate to Betty Forbes, who has been a member of St Hugh's MUCFL for 60 years.

Xoliswa Zauka, Nomfunde Tuku and our beloved Diocesan President, Nomonde Qoto, also spoke.

Fellowship was shared over refreshments in the hall after the service.

The Gender Desk will be holding a Workshop
Saturday 14th June, 09h00 - 11h30
Venue: St Nicholas Church,
Circular Drive
All welcome
For more information
contact Ethel Pittaway
083 398 6218

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