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Vol 18 No 6


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Trinity
 •  TEE tutorial in Maximum Security Prison
 •  Diocesan students excel
 •  Strengthening the ties

We believe in one God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

TEE tutorial in Maximum Security Prison
Howard Lancaster reports that this year, six long term prisoners in the Maximum Security section of St Alban’s Prison, Port Elizabeth, began studying the TEE Certificate in Theology Course: Introduction to the New Testament.

They are part of a large group of inmates who have come to faith in Jesus Christ while in prison and are seeking to be equipped for their ministry there. Much is happening in the prison. The Chaplain, Jogra Gallant, is preparing 182 prisoners for Confirmation, 65 of whom will have been presented to the Bishop by the time you read this. We hope to have some photographs of the service in the next iindaba.

At the Confirmation, Jogra will launch the Abounding Love Bible School and all the confirmation candidates have expressed the desire to continue their journey in the faith.

Jogra, a retired teacher, is also now tutoring this group of six on a regular basis. She is herself a graduate of TEE, having obtained the Diploma in Theology with distinction in 2004.

In December, after their registration, the group met with Jogra and Howard Lancaster, the Regional Coordinator for TEE to plan their programme. There is a love for God and an enthusiasm to serve Christ in the prison which is evident both on their faces and in the openness with which they discussed their past and their new life in Jesus.

There is a tremendous enthusiasm for further study including courses at Diploma and Degree level. Funding is at present a major issue. If you or your parish would like to assist in equipping folk from St Alban’s Prison for their ministry there, please contact Howard Lancaster on 041 360 1267.

A note: Howard mentioned, "On 'Reporting Religion', a programme on BBC World Service shortwave radio last week, it was mentioned that there is a large group of students doing a Diploma in Theology course in one of Kenya’s maximum security prisons, funded by a US missionary organisation. God is at work in prisons in Africa!"

Pic: Freedom through the Word of God - Jogra Gallant the prison's chaplain with five of the prisoners who have found freedom in Christ and who are now studying a TEE course at St Alban's prison.

Diocesan students excel
Howard Lancaster reports that two diocesan students of TEE College were celebrated as the top students in their respective programmes at the recent Graduation Ceremony in Johannesburg. 

Margaret Roskruge of St Luke’s (Award in Theology) and self-supporting priest Fiona Esterhuysen of Good Shepherd (Certificate in Theology) received their respective qualifications with Distinction and received the Merit Award as top students.

Other graduates from the diocese include Lorraine Fraser, also of St Luke’s (Award in Theology), Jean Budgen, a self-supporting deacon at St Hugh’s (Diploma in Theology) and Mark Derry, assistant priest at St Cuthbert’s, who became the first diocesan candidate to receive the new TEE Bachelor of Theology Degree. Margaret and Lorraine both began their studies at the St Luke’s parish Bible school before moving on to the Award course.iindaba readers may remember Griff Moses, now living in Johannesburg, who also completed his Diploma in Theology this year.

Anyone wishing to begin studying either the Diploma or Degree programme in 2008 is encouraged to complete the Developing Skills for Theological Study course, which is a half-year programme. Registration closes on 15 June. Please contact Howard Lancaster 041 360 1267 or petee@mweb.co.za for details and registration forms.

Pic: Mark Derry, assistant priest at St Cuthbert’s, who became the first diocesan candidate to receive the new TEE Bachelor of Theology Degree.

Strengthening the Ties
It was a great joy for us at St George’s Cathedral in Windhoek, Namibia, to have as our Holy Week Conductor, retired Canon Roy Snyman tssf, from our link diocese of Port Elizabeth, writes the acting rector of the Cathedral,  Noleen West.
Fr Roy came to us like a breath of fresh sea air, which was refreshing for us, although the high altitude was tough for him. From Palm Sunday he guided us with profound experience and knowledge, liturgical correctness, deep spiritual teaching and insight, all peppered with a delightful sense of humour. All through Holy Week - The Stations of the Cross, a Taizé Service, Maundy Thursday Eucharist and Foot washing, the Solemnity of Good Friday and cleaning of the Cathedral from floor to ceiling on Holy Saturday, culminating in the glorious joy of the Dawn Liturgy of Easter Morn and the later service, Fr Roy was an inspiration to all. 

The people of St George’s are richer for this experience and we trust that it was not only all work for Fr Roy. Thank you to the Diocese of Port Elizabeth for our link. We give thanks for these occasions when we can share together.

Soon afterwards the Province sent Bishop Bethlehem, as their representative at the Memorial Service and burial of our beloved retired Bishop, James Hamupanda Kauluma, on 20 and 21 April. It was truly good to see Bishop Bethlehem again, albeit briefly.

With the love and prayers of our parish and diocese to all of you.

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