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Vol 19 No 6


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  The call to leadership
 •  It’s Sunday, "Taxi!"
 •  Diocesan AIDS work discussed
Lambeth Conference

The call to leadership
Speaking at the Ordination service, the Archdeacon of the Karoo said that workaholics in the church need to look at Exodus 18.

Michael Julius was speaking at the ordination of Sipho Bodlani to the diaconate in the Cathedral on Saturday 17 June. He said that too often leaders in the church were inclined to forget themselves and their families in the bid to be good leaders of their flock.

Looking at Exodus 18 Michael pointed out that Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, saw the problem of his being over-worked, and therefore over-tired, because he was doing all the work and his leaders were doing none. Michael said that Jethro recognised God’s leadership when giving advice to Moses on how to fix the problem, and expected him to confirm the advice with God.Moses changed and became a great leader and a man of prayer. 

He went on to say, "With God’s help a leader can become a great leader. Nehemiah, building the wall, met with God first and stayed constantly in council with God. Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream because he chose to seek God’s counsel."

Many of the parishioners from St Matthew’s, KwaMagxaki, were present to support their new deacon as were members of their choir who led some of the singing. Sadly, not very many of the clergy were able to attend.

Pic: Saying, "Take authority to proclaim the gospel and to assist in the administration of the sacraments," Bishop Bethlehem hands a copy of the New Testament to Sipho Bodlani during his ordination to the diaconate at St Mary’s Cathedral.

 It’s Sunday, "Taxi!" 
[ Rory Middlecote ]

Vusumzi Mtubu is a self-supporting priest in The Parish of the Great Karoo,and serves the chapelries in Hanover (70 kms from his home), Venterstad (80kms), Norvalspont (50 kms) and Colesberg. He is an amazing man - he has never been able to drive but travels to these far-flung chapelries by taxi Sunday after Sunday.

Vusumsi has just achieved his Certificate in Theology from Theological Training by Extension (TEE) and we thank God for the perseverance and dedication to his calling that we see in his life. 

He was born on 7 March 1944 in Colesberg, and attended school there until Grade 8. He matriculated during his adult life, after having completed his studies by correspondence. He is married to Nomsisi, and they have four children. He works as a carpenter in Colesberg. 

An example of his dedication to the ministry is particularly evident in Venterstad - the church building there has been used by the Methodists for years, as there was no longer a worshipping Anglican community in the town.

But under the caring ministry of Vusumzi, this church has once again been built up into a vibrant, worshipping Anglican community of believers, so we now share the building with the Methodists! 

Pic: Rory Middlecote, rector of The Parish of the Great Karoo, congratulates Vusumzi on successfully achieving his Certificate in Theology. 

Diocesan AIDS work dicussed 
[ Linda Ncaca ]

Five representatives from the diocese attended an HIV/AIDS Cluster meeting which took place at the Parish of St Monica, Plettenberg Bay, from 21-24 April. The cluster consists of the three dioceses of PE, Grahamstown, and George, and the purpose of the Cluster is to strengthen each other and for Bench Marking. Progress of AIDS work within the dioceses was discussed; we shared information on the achievements and challenges of the projects Vanavetu and Siyafundisa.

Diocesan AIDS co-ordinators, project co-ordinators, members of the AIDS committees and the Bishop of George, Donald Harker, attended. 

Pic: Our Diocesan AIDS co-ordinator, Sipambo Ludidi (back left) with our representatives.

Lambeth Conference 
16 July - 4 August 2008
University of Kent, Canterbury,
Kent, England.
Pray for ....
.....your bishops
.....your church
..... our mission together.
Be informed

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