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Vol 20 No 1
Jan / Feb


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Say 'No' to abuse
 •  A trinity of new priests
 •  Into 2009
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Say 'No' to abuse

About 200 people gathered at the bottom of Albany Road on Saturday 29 November to make a stand against gender-based violence and abuse. 

Starting time was delayed by an hour due to a traffic department hiccup which meant that Bishop Bethlehem, who unfortunately had to leave for an appointment, read out his statement before the march got under way. 

Led by the Bethesda Congregational Church Band, the marchers moved along Govan Mbeki Avenue to the City Hall where Ethel Pittaway, the canon for the gender  desk portfolio, read the petition which was signed by Howard Lancaster, on behalf of Bishop Bethlehem, Director Greyling (SAPS) and Lindsay Ziehl (from Mother of Hope) on behalf of the people of the Metro - as no one appeared from the Mayor’s office. They all  said a few words of encouragement to the marchers at the City Hall. 

Ethel has e-mailed the petition to Dumisani Mbebe, Director: Constituency Services Metro, and Mabhuti Duno, as well as expressing our disappointment that the Traffic Dept as well as representation  from the Mayor’s office never arrived. 

Ethel told iindaba, “We have had great feedback from all who participated, so even though we had some disappointments we had more success. We handed out over 1 000 leaflets on abuse along the way.” Also handed out were  anti-rape Tshirts which many of the marchers proudly wore.

Pic (above): Bishop Bethlehem addressing the crowd before the march began.
Pic (right): The band followed by the placard-carrying marchers.
Pic (left): A group from St Nicholas, Charlo, proved that one doesn’t have to be able to walk to take part in a march.

A trinity of new priests

The diocese has a trinity of new priests ordained on Sunday afternoon 14 December at the Cathedral. 

There was standing room only as friends, family and parishioners filled the Cathedral to see the three men priested. They are Joshua Koening (stipendiary) and Jacob Plaatjies (self-supporting) who will minister at St Mary Magdalene, West End, and Vincent Mdidimba (stipendiary) ministering at St John-the-Baptist, Walmer. Joshua will be moving to St Simon of Cyrene in April to join Sipambo Ludidi ministering in Uitenhage.

The guest preacher, Dr George Malek, spoke on Matt 16:13ff, where Jesus asks the disciples, “Who do you say I am.” He said that a Christian’s witness to the world is not simply service, saying, “Your witness is your love and not your philosophy. You are Christ in the church and if you are not that you are not good.” People must see Christ in you, he said, as the Roman centurion saw Christ on the cross and was able to say, “Surely, this man is the Son of God.”

He reminded his listeners that Paul was able to say that he had Christ  living in him and told his readers to be ‘a living sacrifice’ - “Unless you give your life as a living sacrifice your words will not be sufficient,” he said..

Dr Malek went on to speak of God forgiving humankind who had killed his son. He said that as a father of a son he could not see how he would be able to forgive someone who killed his son - but God’s love enabled him to forgive us.

Speaking to the new ordinands and the clergy, he said, “No matter how cruel the church may be, she is still your mother.”

After the service Bishop Bethlehem left through the vestry and came in at the gate where he blessed the people and the city.

Pic: At the end of the ordination service Bishop Bethlehem and guest preacher, Dr George Malek, an Egyptian-born Congregational minister, look on as Jacob Plaatjies, Vincent Mdidimba and Joshua Koening hold their licences  up for the people to see.

Into 2009

Lord God, we live in disturbing days:
across the world,
prices rise,
debts increase,
banks collapse,
jobs are taken away,
and fragile security is under threat.
Loving God, meet us in our fear and
hear our prayer:
be a tower of strength amidst the
shifting sands,
and a light in the darkness;
help us receive your gift of peace,
and fix our hearts where true joys
are to be found,
in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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