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Vol 18 No 12


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Successful mission to Zimbabwe
 •  St Paul’s remembers
 •  Prayer for Africa

The Bishop and Mazoe, the editor and iindaba committee members, and the diocesan staff wish our readers a blessed Christmas and the peace and love of Jesus with you throughout the coming year.

Successful mission to Zimbabwe
[ Mark Derry ] 

Four members of St Cuthbert’s Mission Team returned from a first visit to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, during October, where they ministered at the Church of the Ascension and at St Matthew’s, Filabusi. The team comprised of the assistant-priest, Mark Derry, Maurice Platt, Brian Ledger and Jade Mardon. 

Members of the team were prepared for the visit, having to take with them their own food and fuel for the duration of their five-day stay in Bulawayo. They also received donations of food, clothing, Bibles and medical supplies from parishioners – including medical supplies to the value of R5 000 from Alpha Pharm East Cape. These were donated to the clinic, run once a week by the church, for 140 poverty-stricken Zimbabweans.  

Spiritual leader Mark said they were again reassured of God’s faithfulness throughout the trip, having to get through border posts and roadblocks before arriving at their final destination. “There was no doubt that the hand of God was upon us as we prayed, and as people back in Port Elizabeth were praying for us to cross the border. We were stopped twice and asked to open the overland trailer filled with medical supplies, Bibles, clothing and food, but each time we were waved through,” said Mark. 

“On Friday 28 September we visited an Anglican mission station two hours away from Bulawayo, where people are struggling to survive with what little they have in a hyper-inflationary environment. The clothing, Bibles and food were well received in this community. As was the abundant rain that fell on the day – the first they had had since 2006!” 

On the Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning the team had wonderful opportunities to minister into the needs of people after a series of teachings done by Mark. “The needs are great and the testimonies of healing from the prayer time were profound – the movement of the Holy Spirit was tangible!” said Mark. “Without a doubt we will be taking a convoy of cars next year when we visit them again, as we met the physical and spiritual needs of the people.” 

Bulawayo’s Church of the Ascension rector Fr Shingi was overwhelmed by the visit and stated that the team was mightily used by God in the extension of His Kingdom on earth. “Truly the team came to us as physical letters of love, and did great wonders by ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of the parishioners here. It was indeed a very successful mission and we look forward to even bigger one next year,” said Mr Shingi. 

Pics:  1) Handing over a DVD player to The Revd Mr Shingi (2nd right), rector of Church of the Ascension, Bulawayo, were Maurice Platt, Brian Ledger, Jade Mardon and Mark Derry of St Cuthbert’s, Central;  

2) At the hand-over of medical supplies, donated by Alpha Pharm East Cape, were Maurice Platt, Mark Derry, Dr Willie Legg (Medical Co-ordinator of the clinic), Jade Mardon, Mr Shingi (rector of Church of the Ascension, Bulawayo) and Brian Ledger.

St Paul’s Remembers
Remembrance Sunday, 11 November, a time when the world remembers all those who paid the ultimate price of war. 

At St Paul’s this year it was also a time of remembering all the police who have died in the line of duty. In welcoming members of the police force the rector, Ruthell Johnson, said, “We honour you and your forum colleagues, for all you do under difficult circumstances.” 

The Revd M Jafta, Prov Head Commissioner (Spiritual Services) preached, Templeton Jam-Jam, our chaplain in the police force, celebrated and the Erica Primary School Band played beautifully as they led the singing. Especial mention needs to be made of Abigail Molema whose renditions of ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ were so haunting that they had many in tears. 

During the service candles were lit by members of the police in memory of local colleagues who were killed on duty during this year, and Debbie Vencencie from the diocesan office lit the one in memory of her late husband Winston. Ruthell lit the final candle for all those whose names had not been given. After the service tea and fellowship were enjoyed with the visitors. 

Pic: Debbie Vencencie lights a candle in memory of Winston.

Prayer for Africa
[Diana Nkesiga, Uganda]

Diana has sent us this enlarged Prayer for Africa. Perhaps in this new year parishes may prefer to use this? 
iindaba has also heard lay ministers pray “our” rather than “her” ... doesn’t “our” selfishly pertain to South Africa, leaving the rest of Africa out? 

God bless Africa
Protect her children
Transform her leaders
Heal her communities
Restore her dignity and grant her peace.
For Jesus Christ’s sake, Amen 

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