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Vol 19 No 7


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Producing a healthy society
 •  Praying for 'those in peril on the sea'
 •  Pam graduates

A prayer of preparation

I come to the Lord's own service,
Not only to pray for myself and to intercede for others.
These things I shall do.
But that which I come above all to do
Is to take my part in a great action,
This act of worship.
For I come to do, rather than to listen;
To give, rather than to get.
For here all things are done to the glory of God.
Every word spoken,
Every gesture and movement,
Every note of music,
Are not to please man
But are offered to God alone.
Most gracious God, grant that I,
All unworthy though I be,
However dim my understanding,
May offer to you the entire worship of my soul;
That with every word of my lips,
With all the prayers of my heart,
With every thought of my mind,
I may offer to you
A profound adoration of a creature
For the great Creator.

Producing a healthy society
[ Fezile Maki ]

Although few in numbers, the Cradock archdeaconry conference of the St Bernard Mizeki Guild held in Middelburg from 21 to 22 June was a great success.

The opening Eucharist was conducted by the president of the archdeaconry's guild, Phumla Mtila, an assistant priest in the Parish of the Karoo. The conference was not well attended as only members from St Boniface in Middelburg, Ascension in Cradock and St Ninian's in Somerset East were present.

The guest speaker was a professional nurse from the Wilhelm Stahl Hospital in Middelburg, N Zintwana, who spoke about prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. She said prostate cancer attacks men, usually between the ages of 45 to 65 years and can be hereditary. She spoke on how the church can play a role in a healthy society and how it can produce a healthy society and she reminded the guilders that Jesus Christ healed people.

The general meeting dealt with the issues of the guild's growth, services and vision to host conferences in future. They reflected that there has been both numerical and spiritual growth.

The "Imvuselelo" was held in the streets of KwaNonzame from 07h00 to 08h00 and the guilders gave it their all. The women thanked A special vote of thanks went to the members of St Boniface MU Christian Family Life and St Mary Magdalene who prepared the food and so helped to make sure that the conference was a success.

Picture: Imvuselelo by members of St Bernard Mizeki Guild in the streets of KwaNonzame, Middelburg.

Praying for 'those in peril on the sea'

Pictures: 1) Lt Chris Kumalo, OC Naval Station, PE, Lt Garth Daniels, OC Sea Cadets and Petty Officer Gillian Marlow process into St Paul's.  2) Ruthell Johnson, rector of St Paul's, with some of the Sea Rescue crew who attended the service.

The words of the great 'Sea Sunday' hymn, "Eternal Father strong to save" rang out at the end of a service held to honour and pray for those who sail the oceans, rescue people in trouble in the sea and those who minister to their spiritual needs. Members from all the branches of the Navy, the Sea Cadets, Sea Rescue, the harbour and the various churches who work and minister to seafarers, as well as some fishermen, gathered at St Paul's in Parsons Hill on Sunday 29 June for the service.

Among those present were Lt Chris Kumalo, OC Naval Station, PE , Ian Gray, the chairman of the National Sea Rescue Institute together with a group of the volunteers, Brynn Adamson the deputy Harbour Master and Martin Britz and Joy Thompson from the Seafarers Centre.

The prayers and readings were done by the visiting dignitaries and clerics and the rector, Ruthell Johnson, gave a challenging sermon.

The hymn "Eternal Father strong to save" was written by W Whiting (1825-78) but is still so appropriate 150 years later.

Pam graduates

Our very good iindaba reporter from the Parish of the Good Shepherd, Pam Brown, has graduated, receiving her TEE Certificate in Theology - with distinction, nogal. 

When iindaba asked her about it she said, "What an achievement I felt walking up to that stage to receive my certificate. Five years of hard work finally completed. Thanks to our heavenly Father for keeping me on the study footpath and all those who encouraged me along the way, and to all those still studying, keep up the hard work. It is really worth it."

On page four are reports from Pam on many of the happenings in the very busy Parish of the Good Shepherd.

Picture: Pam Brown with her TEE certificate

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