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Vol 18 No 8


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Lambeth Prayer
 •  Shane instituted Provost at Cathedral
 •  Parenting is the cornerstone of building a nation

Lambeth Prayer

Pour down upon us, O God,
the gifts of your Holy Spirit,
that those who prepare
for the Lambeth Conference
may be filled with wisdom
and understanding.

May they know at work within them
That creative energy and vision
which belong to our humanity,
Made in your image
and redeemed by your love,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lambeth Conference
16 July – 4 August 2008
University of Kent, Canterbury,
Kent, England.

Pray for …
… your bishops
… your church
... our mission together.

Be informed

Prayer is also needed for the Elective Assembly to be held in the Cape Town Diocese to choose their new Archbishop, who will then take the position of chairman of Episcopal Synod as 'first among equals' and the Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Shane instituted Provost at Cathedral
The Choral Evensong celebrated on Sunday evening 1 July was very special when Bishop Bethlehem instituted Shane Fraser as the Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral.

It was a time when friends and family gathered to join in the celebration, and to prayer for Shane’s ministry in a position which has previously always been held by the bishop of the diocese. Shane took the Oath, made the declarations, signed them was given his Licence by Bishop Bethlehem. He then prayed for the family,  Estelle and the children, who will be standing behind Shane in this demanding position. Sharon Nell, rector of Zwartkops River Valley Parish and three of our retired clergy, Roy Snyman tssf (a former vice-provost), John Dunn and Eric Kleb, were also there to lend Shane their support.

The choir singing was beautiful, accompanied by Grant Brüsler, Organist of St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, who closed with the Louis Vierne Organ Voluntary Finale (Sonata No 1 in D), to much applause from all who lingered to enjoy this resounding organ piece.

Since St Mary’s became a cathedral, and the first Dean of the Diocese was appointed, a search for a Provost for the Cathedral began. It was felt that the appointment should come from within the diocese and Bishop Bethlehem asked Shane to accept the position.

When discussing the position of the provost Bishop Bethlehem told iindaba that, if he and the dean were out of the diocese at the same time, he is at liberty to appoint the provost as vicar-general.

iindaba prays Shane's ministry at the Cathedral will be blessed and fruitful.

Pic 1: Laying on of hands - After Shane Fraser had read the Declaration and taken the Oath Bishop Bethlehem laid hands on him and prayed for his ministry as Provost. Deacon Vincent Mdidimba behind.

Pic 2: That's what friends are for - Sharon Nell, rector of Zwartkops River Valley Parish was there to support Shane and joined him and the Bishop after the service.

Parenting is the cornerstone of building a nation
In her address to the members of St Matthew’s, KwaMagxaki, Vidah Mayana, the director of Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa, said, “Parenting is the cornerstone of building a nation”, reports Lulama Marwana.

The Human Resource Unit of St Matthew’s, KwaMagxaki, responded to the plea by President Thabo Mbeki for moral regeneration by inviting Vidah Mayana, an expert on the subject of parenting, to address the parish. The gathering was held on 25 March and the purpose was to involve parents in building a firm foundation in their job of bringing up their children. Vidah stressed that a parent is an educator, teacher, expert with no written agreement, no classroom, no curriculum nor vacation. There is also no union nor salary and they are on call 365 days a year. She said, “The first 18 years of a child’s life are seen as the most challenging and complicated.” She reminded the listeners that the environment for raising children had changed over the years, and the traditional role of the father being the head of the home and the other responsibilities being placed on the mother have been taken over by the internet and television. Employment and other commitments keep parents away from home, however, they still have a role to play in the upbringing of their children.

Vidah divided the challenges faced by growing children according to age groups. Ages 2 to 7 copy adult behaviour, so it is important for parents of this age group to enforce moral behaviour. The critical ages of 8 to 10 want evidence, and parents must model properly, teaching the children the principle of giving, which is a blessing, rather than receiving. Parents need to respond appropriately and take control, as many voices speak to the children at this stage of development. Children watch TV, and also their peers have a significant influence on their thinking and behaviour. Ages 11 to 16 discover who they are, and want to experiment, and this will include experiments with the things they see on TV and the internet. Hormones become activated and pregnancy becomes a factor. At this age in the child’s development it is crucial to build a firm parent-child relationship. She concluded by advising mothers to form teen/mother support groups to empower children in relationships.

She concluded by saying children should be taught about the reproductive system, sex education and HIV/Aids. They must be encouraged to develop careers, build positive self-esteem and practice abstinence before marriage in their sexual relationships.

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