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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Ascension look at love
 •  Streams of Living Water
 •  CANSA Relay for Life
 •  Farewell to a faithful servant
 •  New chairman for RSCM
 •  Samantha starts new NPO
 •  Breakfast with Vanessa

Ascension look at love
[ Nosizwe Mali ]

On Saturday afternoon 15 February the parishioners of Church of Ascension in Cradock, dressed in red and white outfits, entered the beautifully decorated hall to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. The event was the brainchild of Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life HR committee and focused on reviving the fire in marriages - the core of this organisation. Everyone was welcome, married, single or divorced, because the information to be shared was very useful to all in terms of giving advice and guidance and the celebration was attended by the archdeacon, clergy and their wives.

The opening speaker, Dudu Sithole, shared how young marriages are being attacked by the devil and how difficulties in marriages lead to unhappy families and divorce. The guest speaker was the priest-in-charge of the Great Karoo Parish, Elliot Masoka, who began by emphasising the importance of such gatherings. He gave a brief background on St Valentine and background to this day. His talk was mainly on principles of monitoring one’s marriage. Among the things he shared were: the need to enhance the love map of your partner; to know the things that stress your partner; to know the world of your partner; and to nurture the fondness of your marriage. At this point the talk became very interesting as the topic was mostly on the private and personal issues of marriage.

The celebration closed on a very high note and everyone went home excited, full of hope, and full of energy to put into practice Elliot’s advice, guidance and teaching.

Pic: Some of the parishioners of Ascension Church in Cradock enjoying the Valentine’s Day event which looked at ‘Love’.

Ed’s note; This report was too long to be published in full but readers interested in all the points given by Elliot Masoka in his talk may contact me for them.

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Streams of Living Water
[ Maggie Cumming ]

This year we Anglican ladies organised and hosted the Women’s World Day of Prayer service in Jeffrey’s Bay. Each year a different church in the area undertakes to do this. The venue was kindly provided by the DR Church Centre, as the congregation of ladies was too large for our little building.

It was a daunting challenge, but when we received the booklet ‘Streams in the Desert’ compiled by the women of Egypt, we realised that the service could be done with a fresh approach. A large section centred on John 4: 3-42 (Jesus at Jacob’s well asking the Samaritan woman for a drink of water, and offering in return the water of eternal life.). We dramatised this portion, and some of our talented ladies provided a stone well with reeds, grass and palms, as well as a huge painting of a stream running through the desert, which served as a backdrop. The readers dressed up as Egyptian women through the ages.

Pat Monroe from the St Francis’ Bay United Church gave us a challenging message, and Myra Bosch’s rendering of ‘He was Despised’ from Handel’s Messiah was hauntingly beautiful.

From the feedback received, this was apparently one of the most enjoyable services the women of JBay have attended – the result of much prayer and plenty of hard work.

Pic: J-Bay women dramatise the reading about the Samaritan woman at the well.

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CANSA Relay for Life

The annual CANSA Relay for Life was held on Friday 28 March
at the Kemsley Park Sports Ground. iindaba could only locate
two of our parish teams this year - All Saints’ and St Francis
Xavier, both from Kabega Park.

What happened to all the teams from last year?

Pic: Team St Francis Xavier at the CANSA Relay for Life - oh,
and a very bright red-headed editor put in an appearance!

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Farewell to a faithful servant

Last month we reported on the death of Ron Thomson and subsequently many facts have surfaced that make one ask why he was never given the Order of the Diocese?

Ron’s involvement with the church included tirelessly working with Mr Hirst, during the early days of St Hugh’s (1950s), putting the pews into the church; during the time of the Wells Planned Giving Campaign, Ron also talked to many congregations about the merits of the system, and on the biblical injunction of tithing; he was one of the early volunteers at the St John’s Centre of Concern; and when St Augustine’s in Walmer Gqbera, went on their own (under the Revd Solomon Nkesiga) Ron helped them with their finances – all this besides his involvement at St Saviour’s and the Diocesan Finance Committee, as reported last month. He and Anne also regularly attended St Mark’s and The Santareme Chapel when at his home at Cape St Francis. When he was no longer able to actively participate in Church activities, he spent hours mending the Prayer Books belonging to St Saviour’s and The Chapel.

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New chairman for RSCM

The Eastern Cape Branch of the Royal School of Church Music held its AGM at St Paul’s Parson Hill on Sat 15 March.

Singers, musicians and clergy from 12 Anglican and Methodist choirs attended and heard outgoing Chairman Jenny Yates’ glowing report of another successful year of activities, including the hosting of the 50th annual Summer School in January.

Tommy Horne, from Holy Trinity, Central was elected Branch Chairman and Jenny Yates from St Margaret, the Branch Secretary for the next year.

But there was more than just business conducted at the meeting. Jenny Yates provided copies of four new hymns from New Hymns Ancient and Modern which we quickly learnt and were able to take the delightful and inspiring modern words and music back to our respective churches.

Then 30 minutes of fun where all present divided into three teams and competed against each other to identify the hymn tune from the first few notes or the rhythm of the tune – similar to the TV programme “Noot vir Noot”

Afterwards everyone met in the hall to celebrate a very successful year with a typical ‘after-party’ of drinks and snacks.

The RSCM (EC) will be assisting township schools with choral training as well as exposing them to the delights of top class organ music at the Feather Market Centre. We look forward to these reports!

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Samantha starts new NPO

Samantha Eagles, assistant priest at the Cathedral, has started an NPO to collect and distribute goods such as: baby clothing, nappies, toys, toiletries (roll-on, face cloths, toothpaste etc), colouring books, paper etc.

She says, “I have adopted the Community Health Centre (Sanford) and want to assist with the well-being in the waiting rooms, antenatal, postnatal and other areas of the clinic. However the need is so great in our community that I will be assisting other NPOs where possible. I believe God has given me this vision as my passion for the poor, hungry and destitute has been a great desire in my life for many years.“
Samantha makes an inventory of all goods received. On distribution the person receiving the goods will sign for them. She is appealing for donations in any form including monthly financial contributions.

She intends to report to donors on a quarterly basis and says, “If readers would like to assist in this vision, I believe together we can make a difference.”

Once an NPO number has been allocated Samantha will be able to give donors the bank details. In the meantime do contact her on 076 133 0024 if you can help her.

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Breakfast with Vanessa
[ Bernice Burgers ]

On Saturday 29 March, St Michael’s in Schauderville had a Breakfast with guest speaker Vanessa Uithaler of Bay-FM.

On Friday evening the catering committee members decorated the hall and it looked very festive. On Saturday morning it was packed to capacity and we even had to lay extra tables.

Vanessa Uithaler is a nursing sister by profession but is also doing radio ministry through Bay-FM. She presents the programme “Golden Years” on a Saturday from 06h00 – 09h00. She says her greatest passion is Jesus Christ and the message she brought was very inspirational. The theme to her address was “Lord Use Me”. Making use of four different drinking glasses (a very dainty crystal glass, a wine glass, an ordinary glass with flowers and a polystyrene cup) and chose three people from the audience to select a glass and say why they chose that specific one. The answers were varied and she explained that even though the glasses are all very different and used at different occasions, they all serve the same purpose - they are all used for drinking. We tend to keep the dainty crystal glasses for special occasions. We as Christians often just sit on the “shelves” of the church on a Sunday morning and at special services. God wants us to use the talents he gave us for the furtherance of his Kingdom - not only on special occasions. We should avail ourselves to help others less fortunate than ourselves. “Lord use Me” should be the words we utter every day.

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