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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
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Loaves and fishes
[ Bev Shepherd ]

Thursdays is a good day for many of the local folk when they come to St Agnes in Swartkops for a hot meal. For a large  number, this is the only hot meal of the week - and, as one of the mothers told us, her children love Thursdays as they know when they get home from school, there will be something to eat! Most of the mothers take their meals home to feed their families. The mothers and toddlers gather in the hall where there are toys for the children to play with until the food is served. The other adults are seated outside where our deacon, Abigail Tukulu conducts a short service and those inside enjoy the sound of beautiful singing through the windows.

A little team of volunteers is headed by Lorraine Julius, who shops and cooks every week in such an organised way that we have never had to turn anybody away - by the Grace of God. During the past year we have served approximately 1100 meals for the children and 2680 meals for adults. This outreach is made possible by a monthly donation of R1 000 by Orion Engineered Carbons - our neighbours in Swartkops. We are deeply grateful to them for the love they show in reaching out to those less fortunate.

With extra fund raising and the kindness of our parishioners, we are able to give the children a Christmas party at the end of each year -however many children we estimate - the number always doubles - and then it’s a case of loaves and fishes, Lord !

Pic: Thursday morning is very busy at ZRV when they serve hot meals to the ever-increasing crowd of hungry people.

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Giving teachers and parents hope
[ Submitted by Young Park Primary School ]

Young Park Primary School is proud to announce that they have acquired the services of a school counsellor in the person of the rector of Zwartkops River Valley Parish, Michael Julius. After consulting with the School Governing Body and with the assistance of school principal, Jeremy Langeveld, Michael started the programme in 2013. This year the school celebrates the first anniversary of the programme.

Michael works with learners who come from broken families, experience social problems or who cause disciplinary problems in class. He also helps learners to increase their focus on the school work, principles, manners, morals and social advancement.

Seen here, with some of the learners at Young Park Primary who are on the counselling programme, is the school principal, Jeremy Langeveld, and the rector of ZRV, Michael Julius, wearing his ‘counsellor hat’.

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Treats for country patients
[ Linda Ncaca ]

The Diocesan Health and Welfare Team launched a Hospital Ministry project on the 15 March at Livingstone Hospital. The team prayed, distributed fruit parcels and toiletries to 29 adults, and chips and sweets to the children’s wards.

The project seeks to serve patients, especially the long term ones, who come from areas outside of Port Elizabeth and who do not often get visitors. The intention is to visit the state hospitals and later as the team gains strength the service will be extended to private hospitals as well.

Members from St Matthew’s, St Augustine, St Stephen’s, St Cyprian’s with Health and Welfare Team Coordinator Siphambo Ludidi, rector at St Simon of Cyrene.

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Letters to the ed

Why Michal was barren

Thank you for your comment entitled “Dancing before the Ark” in the iindaba March 2014 and I agree wholeheartedly with your very insightful sentiment.

I would however like to offer a different explanation to why Michal was barren. Simply that David never took Michal to his bed again. She once again became Saul’s daughter and not David’s wife. God did not close her womb as a result of this incident - she also had no children from Paltiel to whom she was married for over seven years.

A second interesting note on Michal’s life is found in 2 Samuel 21:8. Most Hebrew manuscripts (as well as the KJV) read Michal rather than Merab as the mother of the five sons of Adriel and is considered by scholars to be a scribal error. (These five sons were put to death and their bodies were left to hang for several months until the rains fell.) Scholars assume that Merab died comparatively young, leaving her five sons to be cared for by her sister Michal. In later years they were identified as Michal’s own children, when in reality they were Merab’s children

The Bible is such an interesting read!

Ethel Schultz-Pittaway
Women’s Gender Desk


Thank you for showing off my shiny new bookshelves (“Mike gets shelves”, April 2014 issue). They are already full, and will always remind me of the lovely people of St Hugh’s parish.

However, I must correct a few points in your story that may seem insignificant, but to me are vital.

The first is that I did not retire from St Hugh’s: I resigned in order to serve more fully in theological education. (If I had retired, you would have headed the story “Mike gets shelved”...)

Second and third, I left St Hugh’s at the end of February, not March. In March I was in effect unemployed, although I did begin writing new Higher Certificate (not Diploma) courses for TEE College. Then, on 1 April (I fool you not) I was appointed the inaugural Principal of the School of Ministry, a brand-new project of the College of the Transfiguration that will offer Anglican ordinands access to the COTT Diploma in Theology in distance mode. I shall work part-time until I have completed the TEEC courses, then go full-time. For now, Lorna and I will remain in PE.

So you haven’t seen (or heard) the last of me. I’m not quite on the shelf yet.

Mike McCoy, TEE College / COTT School of Ministry

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Of commas and Lordship
[ A comment from the editor ]

“We believe in one Lord, (comma, pause) Jesus Christ …” the Nicene Creed

This comma is very important because we are emphasising that we believe in only ONE LORD and he is Jesus Christ. Without that pause we could be implying that we believe in one Lord Jesus Christ and one Lord Orlando Bloom/rugby/TV who or whatever!

So, if we do believe in only one Lord, Jesus Christ, he needs to be the centre of our life and we call nobody, nor anything else, “Lord”. This makes such good sense of our riddance of the Colonial use of the term Lord for a bishop, which, praise God, we have dropped! After all, it did come from the fact that British bishops at one time were all members of the House of Lords in their Parliament … and we are not British.

I remember the late Bishop Bruce Evans saying quietly to someone who called him, ‘My Lord Bishop’, “Please don’t refer to me as Lord, because Jesus should be the only Lord in your life.”

As we proclaim our faith using the Nicene Creed, or any creed/prayer, let us do so with meaning and be very aware of the commas and why they are there.

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Fruit for the Word

Customers filling boxes with fruit and vegetables at the
Bible Society Morning Market on Saturday 22 March which
brought funds in for Bible distribution.

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Gentlemen prefer blondes

Faith Geere, parish secretary of St Hugh’s
was seen with Justin Bonnelo, producer
of the Ultimate Braai Master Competition,
held in Port Elizabeth on 15 March.

Was this a case of ‘Gentlemen prefer blonds’?



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COTT Invitation to Workshop on Preaching

Ruthanna Hooke, Associate Professor of Homiletics at Virginia Theological Seminary in the USA will be visiting College of the Transfiguration. She will hold a clergy Workshop on Preaching on 9 and/or 11-13 August and preach at the Feast of the Transfiguration Eucharist at the College and at the Cathedral in Grahamstown on Sunday 10 August. Please contact COTT if you are interested in attending the Workshop or service.

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