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Vol 17 No 9


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  Introducing Matron Agnes
 •  Forty years on
 •  Making a case for budgeting
 •  Blue Crane Hospice AGM
 •  CEO needed

Introducing Matron Agnes
The House of Resurrection Haven has a new matron with Agnes Bouwer having taken over from Maggie Williams, on 4 June.

Agnes is a dedicated nurse having worked in the field for many years. She was at the Malabar Old Age Home before joining the Haven team. Her vision is to make schools, businesses, churches, and the communities aware that HIV/AIDS affects everyone. She is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Haven, and is ready to take on
the challenge to ensure that the ministry is here for many more years.

She is a ‘people person’, and worships at St Mary Magdalene, West End, right on the doorstep of the Haven. iindaba wishes her many years of peace and joy as she ministers to
the patients living with AIDS.

Pic: Having her say - Matron Agnes Bouwer.

Forty years on
Sunday 20 August saw retired priest, Peter Bowen, in St Bartholomew’s Nymet Rowland in the UK where former Port Elizabeth priest, Michael Hall, was celebrating his fortieth anniversary of ordination.

When plans were being made for the celebration, Michael's wife, Sandy, discovered that Peter was in the UK, staying with his daughter in the north of London. She contacted him asking if he could make space for a train trip to Exeter, and a car trip through Crediton (birthplace of Peter’s granny Nelson over 135 years ago) and come as surprise guest preacher for the night, when Michael was expecting to preach at Evensong in one of the local churches. Michael had been given no indication that the parishes were aware of his anniversary,
and Sandy kept him in the rectory until the very last minute. He was most surprised to find four priests waiting at the church, three from the archdeaconry, and one whose face seemed vaguely familiar. Inside St Bartholomew’s Nymet Rowland, the place was packed.

At the end of Evensong, presentations were made to Mike and Sandy before everybody was invited to a splendid supper in a majestic old Manor House across the road. Peter said that he could not believe the tremendous rapport that so obviously existed between the Halls and the people of their parish(es). As one dear old soul whispered in Peter’s ear, “You see, Father, they are not toffee nosed”

Michael is the Team Vicar of several parishes in the county of Devon - Lapford, Nymet Rowland, Coldridge, Down St Mary, and Knowle, to which more recently have been added the parishes of Bow, Colebrook, Clannaborough and wait for it ... Zeal Manichorum!

iindaba asked why Peter was so special to the Halls, and why he would travel so far to preach at one service. Peter explained, “I had been in charge of the St Saviour’s Church Youth Guild back in East London, in the days when Michael had been little more than a callow teenager. I’d been sufficiently impressed by Michael then, to invite him to be Godfather to our youngest son.  

Diocesan connection

Michael had been ordained by Bishop Gordon Tindall in the Diocese of Grahamstown in 1965. After curacies in St Alban’s in Vincent and St Michael’s in Queenstown between 1965 and 1969, Michael moved to the Diocese of Port Elizabeth as the first rector of the new parish of All Saints’, Kabega Park. In 1978 he returned to the Diocese of Grahamstown where he ministered in various parishes. One was St Stephen’s Barkly East, with Dordrecht. Of this, Peter Bowen commented, “Is there a colder parish in winter anywhere in Southern Africa?”

Pic: When we were young - Michael Hall at the laying of the foundation stone at All Saints' in Kabega Park, June 1973.

Making a case for budgeting
Charles Qoto writes more on this very important subject of budgeting.

In previous articles, mention was made of the need to develop a balanced budget to help control spending and manage your finances well. In this article I will look at some reasons why it is important to create and maintain a budget. For some people, just the mention of the word “budget” makes them want to jump out their skins.

Budgeting helps you know how and where your money is being spent. Budgeting helps you avoid those end-of-the-month stresses, frustrations and depressions, when you are staring at unpaid debts and you cannot account as to how and where you spent all your salary, wages or social welfare grant money. Make time to work out a budget. Set aside one hour a month to manage the money it took you 160+ hours to earn. To fail to plan where and how you spend your hard earned money is planning to fail in life.

Successful people prosper because they have made it a habit to budget their time and money on things that matter in their lives. You may be saying, “But my money is too little. What difference will budgeting make?” Matthew 25:14-27 cautions us to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. If you neglect or squander what is given to you, you run the risk of becoming impoverished and losing even what you have. On the other hand when you display faith in the Lord and obey his command by offering to him first his share of the little you
have, just as the widow of Zarephath did with “only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug” (1 Kings 17: 12), you will receive blessings.   

If you are not struggling with debt or you don’t have a problem with paying your bills, your finances can improve even further through your budgeting to give more to the Lord’s kingdom. Your loaves of bread will multiply beyond belief when you offer them to Jesus Christ for use to God’s glory (Mark 6: 30-43). Even Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers in the world, needs a coach so he can continue to succeed and grow towards his unlimited golfing potential.Future articles will focus on practical steps involved in developing a budget.

Blue Crane Hospice AGM
The Blue Crane Hospice, which is a project of All Saints’ United in Somerset East, under the guidance of their self-supporting assistant priest, Jean Underwood, held their AGM during July.

Speaking on behalf of the Hospice Team, Jean said, “We are proud of what we have achieved in so short a time. Our outstanding success has been due to the buying into the Hospice vision by our municipality, local primary health clinics, Andries Vosloo Hospital executive, and especially our local doctors, and people of Cookhouse, Somerset East and Pearston.” She went on to say that there are still many challenges, but that as the organisation continues to tackle the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other life threatening illnesses, they are reminded of what they can do to contribute, and what still needs to be done.

The chairman, Heidi Mjadu, said, “Establishing the hospice was not easy, but those who helped are now confidently saying ‘but, it was worth it.’ The reason for such a huge success in a short space of time can only be attributed to love. People came together because there was a need that had been expressed by different families in different ways whilst they were in search of support and love from their neighbours.” He paid tribute to Jean having heard the cry and having done something about it, and to all the others who came on board so willingly as the idea caught on. He also thanked the Government departments, Hospices, associations and individuals who have gone the extra mile to make others happy.

CEO needed
Blue Crane Hospice is urgently needing a CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

The person needs to have basic management skills and a heart for the community. He/she will also need to be trained as a CEO for a hospice.

Anyone who feels called to take up this position is asked to contact the Blue Crane Hospice:
Phone/fax 042 243 3149
e-mail: bluecranehospice@lantic.net

As a CEO of an NGO is mission work, an appeal is being made for some churches to sponsor the person.

Wanted - Bakkie or 4x4 - Urgent!
Blue Crane Hospice urgently need transport for Sister to get around, and for transporting equipment to patients.
Contact the Blue Crane Hospice: Phone/fax 042 243 3149
e-mail: bluecranehospice@lantic.net

Two fêtes from which to choose
Two parishes are holding their fêtes on Saturday 28 October

Holy Trinity Parish
Family Fête
Havelock Street
Saturday 28 October 08h30
Come one, come all, everyone welcome.
Christmas gifts, cakes, sweets, delicious edibles, teas
and much more
Enquiries: Alvenzo 041 365 0641

Zwartkops River Valley Parish
Spring Fête
at St Agnes Church, Swartkops
28 October at 08h30
All the usual stalls and goodies with ‘scrummy’ eats, raffles,  
white elephants (well, a white elephant stall, anyway!)
Enquiries: Mike 041 466 8327

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