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 • A new place to worship
 • Seeing how we do it
 • Theology students achieve great results
 • St David's on a Spiritual high?
 • Give a child with leukaemia the gift of life

A new place to worship
The double garage seats 30 people comfortably, the large wooden cross on the wall proclaims it the House of the Lord, and this is where Christ Church, Kamma Park, meet to worship.

Lawrie Wilmot had been commissioned as priest in charge by the church of St Nicholas, Charlo, on Sunday 30 January, to go and build the church at Kamma Park. So, on Sunday 6 February the church met for their inaugural service, and nearly all of the 30 seats were full. The service was a wonderful time of praise and worship for what God was doing with, as the brochure proclaimed, ‘The church that’s close to you.’

Using the reading on Christ’s baptism and temptation, Lawrie told the congregation that during Lent all those wishing to be part of the chapel are asked to fast and pray to hear what Jesus wants of them. He asked them to put onto a chart at the back of the chapel any visions, word or picture, the Lord gives them during the 40 days of Lent so that after Easter they may pray through them and clearly hear the Lord’s will. Lawrie also gave some very practical ways of fasting, using examples of people like Moses and Daniel who fasted for specific reasons.

The diocesan family are asked to pray for this fledgling congregation and if they’d like more information to phone Lawrie on: 041 367 5138 (home) or 041 367 2119 (work - mornings).

Picture: Attending the birth - Present at the ‘birth’ of Christ Church, Kamma Park, were members, Trevor Kingsley and Rosalie Wallace, intercessor, Nobubele Mbiyo and visitor, Sharon Collier. The beautifully simple wooden cross behind them was made for the chapel by Patrick Herbert, self supporting assistant priest at St John’s, Walmer.

Seeing how we do it
Visiting Port Elizabeth on a study tour during January were a group of students and people associated with the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Under the leadership of Karen Montango and Kwok Pui Lan of EDS the group spent three days involved in various activities in our diocese. The rector of All Saints’ in Kabega Park and regional co-ordinator of the Theological Training by Extension College (TEE), Howard Lancaster, had put their three day programme together which included a day’s training at the House of Resurrection Haven led by the matron, Maggie Williams. The Revd Michael McCoy, newly moved to Port Elizabeth, gave some input about trends in theological education in Africa. He also spoke about his work as Secretary of ANITEPAM (The African Network of Institutions of Theological Education Preparing Anglicans for Ministry). Howard spoke about the use of the extension method of theological education. In addition, they visited the South End Museum to gain an insight into an aspect of apartheid.

The visitors finished their stay in Port Elizabeth with a trip to the Kragga Kamma Game Park before heading off to the uMaria uMama weThemba Monastery for the week end ahead of some days at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown. After that, they were travelling to Durban and Johannesburg for further inter-action with Southern African Anglicans.

Pictures: a) Enjoying a braai and fellowship - Four members of the group from the Episcopal Divinity School, USA, enjoyed fellowship and a braai at All Saints’ in Kabega Park. Seen helping themselves to pudding are Sue Spencer, Paula Smith, Donna Maree and Dr Kwok Pui Lan; b) Also at the braai - Bettina Schuller, from Germany, and Zena Link who are both students at EDS, were getting to know Joseph Gertler, a volunteer from Israel, who was helping at the House of Resurrection Haven for four months.

Theology students achieve great results
From humble beginnings with its inception in January 2000, the Bible School at St Luke's in Palmridge has grown in leaps and bounds, reports Trevor Neethling.

It has sparked a yearning within many parishioners to understand the Bible on a deeper level - with the result no fewer than 11 people at the church were enrolled at theological college, TEE, last year. Among the eleven students were both Awards and Diploma students. Four of those who enrolled for the awards course successfully completed the Preaching and Pastoral Studies courses with distinction.

Of the seven Diploma students, three passed with distinctions, of which Vivian Malloy (Young People’s Ministry Teacher) and Jogra Gallant (assistant priest), completed their diploma in theology and will graduate in April.

The other students obtained passes of between 61% and 75%. The enthusiasm of the eleven students has inspired three more students to enrol for the diploma course.

St Luke’s can now look forward to a bumper 2005. Already people from other denominations have also enrolled in the Bible school - which reopened in January after the Christmas break, and the church has bigger expectation for its Bible students. It hopes that diploma students will go further and obtain their Bachelor or Theology degrees - and who knows maybe even Masters’ degree and Doctorates.

But for now it's back to basics and helping the body to better understand the Word of God and empower them to make disciples of all nations. St Luke’s rector, Michael Julius said, “If the Diocesan laity are encouraged to study theology, management and church administration, it will enable them to be partners in building stronger parishes and in turn a stronger diocese.”

St David's on a Spiritual high?
When Terry Beadon, the rector of the Parish of Alexandria, looks at a congregation he wonders which of them to invite to the next Alpha course, reports Peter Bowen.

When Peter Bowen looks, he wonders how many are likely to be younger than eighty. Derek Nelson looks with totally different eyes - he asks himself how many are as 'holily' connected as he and Cecile are. You see, not only do Derek and Cecil have a son who is a priest, but they have a son-in-law who is a priest, and a daughter married to the son of a Bishop. It makes one wonder what the conversation round the supper table must be like. More than that, Derek has a forebear who was a Missionary in the Pacific Islands in those days when Missionaries who preached too long were often eaten for Sunday lunch.

It is because of a background like this, that Derek made note of the fact that one Sunday morning there were present among the worshippers at St David’s, the Dean of George (Adrian Green); three priests (Ludidi, Beadon, Cengani); one Deacon (Goodwin); two retired priests (Bowen, Gwilliam); one Evangelist (Michael Cassidy); one father-in-law of a priest (Malherbe); two daughters of priests (Kitcat and Weatherstone); two sons of priests (Kitcat and Knowles); one daughter-in-law of a Dean (Beaufort); the Nelson’s, already mentioned, with their connections - son (Frank Nelson), son-in-law (Mike McCoy), and son-in-law whose father was Bishop Richard Wood. Four clergy wives were present but their modesty prevents our mentioning their names. The Editorial team regrets that because of the absence of a former Bishop’s granddaughter that Sunday, the count could not include her!

All of the foregoing - and people still talk about a clergy shortage!!

Give a child with leukaemia the gift of life
You can give a child with leukaemia another birthday, another summer holiday, another laugh, another chance at life.

If you are a regular blood donor and have two hours to give each month then ask about signing up as a platelet donor. Your platelets also help children and adults with cancer, marrow and organ transplant patients, as well as those suffering from aplastic anaemia. SANBS desperately need more platelet donors.

Picture: Tea for two? - Frankie Simpson of All Saints', Kabega Park, relaxes with a cup of tea as she donates platelets. She is being monitored by Gerda Estherhuisen of the special services unit of South African National Blood Service

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