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Vol 16 No 5


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 • The Bishop writes ...
 • The view from pulpit and pew
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 • They were women like us
 • Bernard Mizeki booklet available

The Bishop writes ...

My Dear People of God,

Greetings in the Name of Christ, our ascended Lord, Alleluia!

1 Omission - “This same Jesus .”

In my last letter I wrote about Ascension which could be looked at in “three ways pertaining to faith” and somehow No ii) was omitted and No iii) became No ii).

No ii) therefore, should have been like this: Having sat at the right hand of God, He presented the “finished” work of salvation to Him (Jn 19: 30 Greek. Tetelestai = It is finished). This gives courage to us in all our doings to present our plans and proposals to God, “as a living sacrifice, wholly and acceptable to him” (Rom 12: 1ff). Jesus is not just sitting at the right hand of God, but He ever lives to intercede for us, and continues to give us the Holy Spirit to be alongside us and to lead us into all Truth. I believe the truth is about our sinfulness, and transformation from that kind of life, as well as righteousness and judgement as we saw in the last letter.

2 In Gratitude

Mazoe and I wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support both in word and deed at the time of our bereavement. We appreciate all the more, those who made an effort to be physically present on April 29 at our mother’s funeral. Umlomo awuhlangani, Ayabulela aMand-obe, athi: “Maz’enethole, ningadinwa nangomso!” Thank you very, very much. We feel comforted.

3 Millennium's Development Goals (MDC’s)

The Church of the Province of Southern Africa (CPSA) met at an Annual Planning Meeting in March to strategise the implementation of the vision of the church, realigning its mission and ministry with the political agenda of the United Nations MDG’s for growth and development in Africa.
Canons Sipambo Ludidi, Nicolette Leonard and the Revd Sharon Nell represented our diocese at the meeting. These MDG’s are as follows:
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
Achieve universal primary education.
Promote gender equality and empower women.
Reduce child mortality.
Improve maternal health.
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
Ensure environmental sustainability.
Develop a global partnership for development.

I have received criticism that the church easily falls prey to political agenda, which often marginalizes the poor, widows and orphans. And the essence of church’s mission springs from the knowledge and acceptance of Christ. The MDG’s are a political agenda. The CPSA needs to define its mission and ministry agenda. In all fairness this is true. The MDG’s reflect the ingredients of Christian mission, in which the Church has been involved for ages past in alleviating the plight of the poor and oppressed. The saying “God fulfils Himself in many ways” (Morte de Arthur, Lord Tennyson) could be applicable here. A Persian King Cyrus, heathen by Israel standards of YHWH faith, allowed exiles to return to Jerusalem (2 Chr 36 : 22 - Ezra 1 : 8) to rebuild the Temple (Ezra 5 : 13 - 6 : 14) as the Lord had appointed (Read Is 44 : 28 - 45 : 13). Thus God’s purpose was accomplished.

We are bringing these to Diocesan Council for further discussion. Your comments will be valuable. We must be a visible church. South Africa needs us. SACLA has kicked the ball for our mission and ministry. Let us run with it more vigorously for the welfare of the marginalized and the oppressed.

May the good Lord continue to bless your outreach ministry to the needy of our city, and grant you fulfilment and affirmation.

Yours in the love of Christ
Bishop Bethlehem Nopece

The view from pulpit and pew

  • Iindaba extends its condolences to our Bishop and his family on the death of his mother, Sennah Nopece, who died on Sunday, 29 April in Mthatha.

  • We also extend our condolences to:-
    Charles Qoto and his wife on the death of his mother. Charles is one of our Diocesan Trustees, and serves on Diocesan Council, Diocesan Finance Committee amongst others;-
    Stanley Higgins, daughters Ellena and Amanda and all the family, on the death of Maureen, who was a lay minister at St Francis Xavier, and a member of Diocesan Council for many years.

  • Iindaba is pleased to see that retired priest Theo Thomas is recovering well after having a knee-replacement operation. Perhaps too many years spent on his knees took their toll!

  • Sharon Nell, the assistant priest at St Hugh’s in Newton Park, returned from Cape Town last month with her husband Piet and their younger son, Jacques. Jacques had undergone tests to determine the reason for his seizures, and will need to return to Cape Town when he is stronger. Iindaba asks for prayers for Jacques and his family.

  • The Diocese bade farewell to Solomon Nkesiga as he returned to Uganda at the beginning of this month to take up his new appointment as principal of a Theological college. Diana will take her two sons there in the July holidays so that they can settle in their new schools, as the school year in Uganda matches that of the UK – beginning in August. Diana will then return until the end of the year before joining the family. Solomon served at St Augustine’s in Walmer Gqebera before going to the Parish of the Zwartkops River Valley. They will be sorely missed, and Iindaba wishes the family every blessing for their future.

  • Congratulations to Doreen Collett on the birth of another grandchild. Doreen, a retired priest, still exercises a full ministry at St Hugh’s in Newton Park, and at Maranatha Village where she lives.

  • At the time of publication of Iindaba, Burness Lear was recovering from surgery in St George’s Hospital. Burness was the first secretary to the Bishop in the Diocese, and served during the incumbency of Abp Philip Russell, our first Bishop, Bp Bruce Evans, the second Bishop, and then for a short while Bp Eric Pike, third Bishop of the Diocese. Now well in her 80s, Burness lives with her daughter Wendy in Kabega Park. Iindaba wishes her a speedy recovery.

  • After a lengthy interregnum, a new rector has been appointed for the Parish of St Mary Magdalene in West End. He is Fumanekile Kula, the present rector of St Matthew’s, KwaMagxaki. He, Tembela and their three children will be moving to their new Parish some time in the near future.

  • Congratulations to Doris Coston of St Barnabas in Sydenham who celebrated her 100th birthday on 31 March. Now staying at Mothwahaven, Doris has been an active member at St Barnabas for many years.

  • Iindaba welcomes the four new deacons who were ordained on Trinity Sunday 22 May at the Cathedral: Angela Brown, Sandile Mila, Thembeka Tom and Andrea White. Iindaba wishes them much joy in their ministry to the Lord and His people in their parishes.

Tag Lines

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They were women like us
The Diocesan MU Christian Family Life held their seventh Biennial Conference during April and looked at “Bible Women - They were women like us”, reports Linda Ncaca.

The four-day event was held from 31 March to 3 April at St Andrew’s, KwaNobuhle, and members heard seven powerful talks aimed at capacitating members in Christian living. Subjects included Team Building, Debt Management, Parenting, and Relationships at Home.

The president, Nomonde Qoto, spoke on the theme in her Presidential address, looking at both Old and New Testament women as role models, including the two Marys, Dorcas, Pricilla, Lydia and Hanna. Charles Qoto, a member of the Diocesan Finance Committee, was very powerful as he spoke on being a slave to debt. He said, “Debt is an enemy to the will of God in our lives,” and went on to speak about one’s attitude to possessions defining one’s identity and how one becomes permanently obligated to one’s creditors until all the debts are paid. He gave many reasons why people get into debt, such as greed, lack of discipline, trying to impress others and wrong priorities. He ended by giving advice on how to get out of debt.

Speaking on Parenting, Ms B Robinson of FAMSA told the women, “Successful families do not just happen. Hard work, sacrifice and commitment go with it.” She also said, “Families are like piggy banks, when you deposit they grow and become full. When you make withdrawals they become empty and negative feelings arise. When you become withdrawn you have to pay penalties/interest. Parenting involves the instilling of values and morals to the children in the family.”

Challenges chosen
Mazoe Nopece spoke on the ten challenges identified by the World Wide Provincial Presidents as being the focus for MU. This Province has chosen to focus on Literacy and Development, Promotion of family values, reaching out to the poorest and promoting the awareness of HIV/AIDS. She emphasised that it was time to stop talking and start doing, and suggested that branches utilise people with expertise as in the Unit Committees and form partnerships with NGOs, CBOs and Government.

Picture: Receiving the Performance Trophy from MUCFL Diocesan President, Nomonde Qoto (left), is the Alexandria Archdeaconry Presiding Member, Tembeka Topu while Notutuzolo Mjoli looks on. The trophy was donated by Mazoe Nopece.

Bernard Mizeki booklet available
On 18 June the feast day of Bernard Mizeki is kept by our church, but how many people know anything about this African giant of a man and Christian martyr?

A little booklet entitled "Bernard Mizeki of Zimbabwe" has been printed by Pippa Vincent in the hope that many more Christians will read and treasure it. It is an abridged version of the larger work, "Mashonaland Martyr" by her mother Margaret Snell.

Fr Roy Snyman tssf has ordered 50 copies of the booklet and 10 will be available from the diocesan office and the others from the Diocesan President of the Guild, Archdeacon Zweli Tom, at R8 a copy - contact Zweli on: 041 464 3151

"Travelling along the Anglican Way"
This book has sold nearly 1 500 copies and Fr Roy wonders if he should have more printed. Some copies still available from him at R35 + R5 postage.
PO Box 7109,
Newton Park,
Tel: 041 373 1283

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