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Vol 18 No 7


The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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 •  A mission shaped church
 •  Why me Lord?
 •  RSCM Thanksgiving Service
 •  Don't give up your day job!
 •  Jubilee Masked Ball
 •  Marimba Workshop

A mission shaped church
In bitterly cold and wet weather a small group of lay leaders braved the elements and attended the workshop on "Growing into a mission shaped church" led by Trevor Pearce, the director for Growing the Church Network, at St Paul's on Tuesday night 22 May.

Trevor told the group that the aims of the network are to 'Build relationships, teach and lay foundations, motivate and inspire, facilitate by setting up Implementation teams and share resources'. They are looking to seeing teams comprising of one third each of clergy, adult lay members and youth with the vision of seeing a vibrant, God-centred Anglican Church which is clearly growing spiritually, numerically and holistically. He said, "Spiritually - which is an inward journey with the depth and strength of the roots determining the height to which it will grow. Numerically - being an outward journey showing growth in numbers, and holistically - as the social journey taking Jesus into the community around."

Some of the 'ceilings to growth' the group pinpointed were distractions such as TV, lack of vision, communication, education, spiritual commitment and confidence, fear of change from comfort zones and the unknown, ecclesiastical control, and demands on time. What they felt was needed was leadership, especially from the clergy (congregations cannot grow beyond their leader), unity among parishes, money and communication.

Using the story of David and Goliath (1Sam 17:8-1 & 31-52) Trevor looked at how to break through the ceilings. Some of the points that came out were: to grow the church, grow the leaders and especially young leaders; the need to live out our anointing; to realise that when we help others they will help us. The group felt that some of the primary elements inhibiting growth were: resistance to the leading of the Holy Spirit; lack of knowledge; being directionless; unwilling to change.

At the close of the very intense evening of over three hours of input Bishop Bethlehem said, "I am very optimistic and trusting for God to do a great thing in this diocese." Trevor congratulated the diocese on being the first to run with the plan and the evening closed with prayer for Bishop Bethlehem and the year of mission for the diocese.

Pic: Powerful prayer for Bp Bethlehem - Lay leaders join Trevor Pearce and David Stansbury in laying hands on Bp Bethlehem at the end of the Mission workshop.

Why me Lord?

How often doesn't one ask the question, "Why did the Lord allow this to happen to me?" knowing full well that this will probably not be answered this side of heaven, writes Lyn Bosch.

Recently I was blessed enough to receive an answer to a query of this sort before coming 'face to face'. I was going through a rough patch having contracted a severe case of shingles. I was suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort and all I needed was a do-gooder friend (Frankie Simpson!) to tell me that my blood was needed by Blood Transfusion Services. However the thought remained with me and having been a regular blood donor for 44 years the idea of needles, and being hooked up to a machine, didn't worry me at all. Uppermost was the motivation which all donors have - the wish to assist others in need. (And the thought of being allowed into the inner sanctum of the Special Services clinic excited me.)

I had the necessary antibody titre test done and the results were good. I was five times over the level needed and so reported for my first 'bleed'.  630ml of plasma containing the antibodies was separated from the approximate 1.5 litres blood removed and the balance was returned back through my vein.

This plasma is sent to Durban where a vaccine for chickenpox is prepared from it. This vaccine is used in instances where immunocompromised individ-uals (mostly children) are at serious risk of contracting the highly contagious chickenpox virus. One can donate every two weeks for as long as one's titre level remains high enough. I was told of a donor who had not had shingles but who had only been exposed to it and he was able to donate plasma for two years.

So, if you have had shingles or been exposed to it, or had chickenpox, your blood might be of use. Contact Special Services at Blood transfusion Services on 041 391 82000.

Pic: Saving a life - Lyn Bosch (iindaba reporter and retiring editor of the River Roundabout) on the plasma machine with technician Jill Menzies keping an eye on things. Gerda Heunis of Special Services snapped them.

RSCM  Thanksgiving Service
On Sunday 6 May, the church of St Mark and St John, Parkside, was filled with the sound of joyful singing as several choirs from the diocese joined together for the annual Royal School of Church Music Thanksgiving Service which took the form of Evensong, reports Maureen de Villiers.

Under the able direction of Phillip Burnett, who hails from Grahamstown, and with Jovan Heynsen at the organ, the combined choirs  were able, in a short space of time, to master some fairly challenging music. What a pleasure it was to hear this, sadly, nearly defunct Office of Evensong being sung with such enjoyment and devotion. It was led by the Dean of the Diocese, Leon Foster, who also handed out 50 Long Service Certificates to people with ten years of continuous service or more.

Special mention must be made of Tommy Horn who has served for 57 years in the choir at Holy Trinity. Your dedication is admirable and an example to us all. With Holy Trinity celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, it means Tommy must have sung at its centenary celebrations as well. No mean achievement!  Our Cathedral organist, Eric Spencer, has devoted 49 years to church music, first in England, and now here. The sterling work that he is doing at the Cathedral speaks volumes for his enthusiasm and dedication.

Space does not permit the listing of all 50 names, but we mention the Anglicans who have served for 30 years or more. Congratulations to: Charmaine Bridger (32) - St Simon of Cyrene; Beryl George (36) - Christ the King; Maureen de Villiers (42) - St Mary's Cathedral; Chris du Bois (42) - St Cuthbert's; Mike Jones (47) - St Cuthbert's; Charles Jantjies (47) - St Luke's.

Don't give up your day job!
iindaba enjoyed a wonderful evening visit to an English pub, 'The Rector's Arms', at St Agneses Church in Swartkops.

Bangers and mash with gravy were served to warm the many brave folk who ventured into the very cold weather on Friday 25 May. (There was also baked beans on offer and wonderful pudding to end off with.)

The decor in the hall and the tables were very typically English pub. There was much laughter and fun among the 'patrons' who were enjoying every minute of the evening. In one corner a darts competition was going on, other folk were seen playing noughts and crosses on the table covers, or card and dice games in between the singing. The backing for those brave enough to sing was off kareoke discs, and we enjoyed the talent of most of the singers, and had to admire the courage of others who definitely 'must not give up their day jobs'.

Pics: Pub grub - Bangers and mash for the hungry at the pub;  Look alike -  'The vicar' at the door!

Jubilee Masked Ball
Holy Trinity Church, Havelock Street
As part of our Jubilee 150 Celebrations we shall be holding a Jubilee Masked Ball, open to all who would like to attend.
Date:  Saturday 28 July   
Venue:  Edward Hotel
Time:  19h00           
Cost:  R160.00 per person
*  Five-course carvery buffet dinner
*  Sponsored wine (2 bottles per table)
*  Victorian theme
*    Attendees to wear masks (Edwardian/Victorian style) - 'lorgnette' style or with elastic round the    head.
*    Demonstration by Linda-Louise Swain on "Fan Language"
*   Demonstration of some old-time dances           
*   Guest artist
*   A few 'programme dances' - book a partner, on your Victorian programme, for a special dance.  If you come to the dance without a partner, you will be very welcome, and you can 'book' a partner for a dance or two!
*   Prizes to be won!                          
*   Live Band
*  Tables of 10 people (arrange your own table, or join one)
To reserve a place,  phone Adele at Holy Trinity Office, tel 041 585 2437

Marimba Workshop
Saturday afternoon, 21 July, at St Mary's Cathedral.

Conducted by Megan Judd it promises to be great fun. Megan, a music teacher at Clarendon Primary, recently attended a special marimba course and returned with all sorts of exciting ideas which she is looking forward to sharing at the workshop. A minimum of 4 players is required, but not more than 10. For further information, phone Jenny Yates 041 373 3311 or Maureen de Villiers 041 582 5196.

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